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A1 Motors

2619 N. Telegraph Rd, Monroe, MI, 48162

I was recommended to A1 Motors through a friend who recently purchased a car from them. When I arrived at their lot I was surprised by the variety of cars that they had; they had everything from old classics to brand new luxury vehicles. I was deciding between 2 cars and initially spoke to Jason about these vehicles. He was extremely thorough and explained every single thing about both cars and provided carfax reports to me on both of them. I came back the next day with my wife. Jason was helping another customer so Stanley helped us out that day. He was just as helpful as Jason. He gave us all of the information about both cars, took us for a test drive, and explained how to use all of the features that both vehicles had to offer. We told Stanley that we would need a few days to think about it before making the purchase. He completely understood and told us to take as much time as we needed before making such a big purchase. He even gave us his personal cell phone number and told us to call him if we had any questions during the time that the dealership was closed. This was the first dealership that my wife and I have been to where we weren't pressured into buying something. A few days later, we made a decision on a car and we met with Romy to handle the finances. Prior to arriving to A1 Motors I contacted my bank to see what rate they would give me for a car loan. Having excellent credit, they approved me for 2.95%. I told Romy that I wouldn't need financing through the dealership since I was already pre-approved at my bank. Romy insisted that he would try to get me a better rate than my bank would give me. Romy immediately got on the phone and started discussing the situation with their lenders (and not taking no for an answer), he was able to get me approved for 1.89%! That is 33% better than my own bank would give me! From start to finish my experience with A1 Motors has been amazing. My wife and I love our new car and would recommend A1 Motors to all of our friends. Thank you Jason, Stanley, and Romy!

Vadim Sigal

Vadim Sigal via Google

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a1 motors Reviews

  • Shelby Antieau

    Shelby Antieau via Google

    Overall Poor to fair

    DO NOT BUY A CAR FROM HERE! This place is full of people who are frauds and will rob you, they don't care. I bought a car from there for 13,000. It was an 07 and they gave me the impression that the car only had 19,000 miles on it. Come to find out they changed the odometer at 91,000 miles so it actually had 110,000. Now I'm having nothing but problems left and right. So while I'm having to pay for all of these costly fixes, I'm still trying to pay off the remaining 9 grand on the car. I even went over to A1 motors explaining everything and he didn't care. He was extremely rude and said it was my issue, not theirs. Of course he had nothing to say about changing the mileage either and questioned me about the proof I had. He wanted to cover himself up because I told him this is a lawsuit waiting to happen. I also talked to several other people and they said they were lied to also and ended up with HORRIBLE cars too. This place is a joke and doesn't sell reliable cars. They cover things up and pretend like the cars they have are good so that they can overprice you and make bank. They only care about the money, not their customers.

  • Darla Downing

    Darla Downing via Google

    Overall Poor to fair

    DO NOT BUY FROM THIS DEALER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ROMY IS A FRAUD!!!!!! They sale bad vehicles. Some of your may have been fortunate enough to get a good vehicle, but I haven't. I have been lied to by Romy and he is not a man of his word. Will never do business with this company. Your interest rate on a vehicle will be between 22% - 28% even if your credit is good. They have done things that I did not agree to. I think a class action suit should be brought against them.

  • Darryl McCartney

    Darryl McCartney via Google

    Overall Poor to fair

    Do NOT buy from A1 Motor Sales. Do NOT waste your time. They prey on low credit scores. Won't tell you the price or let you test drive a car or truck until A1 performs a credit check. Then they decide how much money they can get out of you. These are the worst type of people.

  • Cassandra Kraehnke

    Cassandra Kraehnke via Google

    My husband and I went in on 2/16/2015 not sure what was going to happen, we delt with Romy he was great and glad to help us out! We walked in with one vehical and we left with our van we already and own and a dodge dakta sport and it was exactly what we were looking for! We are really pleased and thinking about now trading our van in on another truck from these guys!!!!! I will recommend them to everyone I know that is looking into getting into a car! Thank you to the whole team at A1 Motor Sales!!!! You all rock!!!!!!!!!!

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