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2619 N. Telegraph Rd, Monroe, MI, 48162

A1 Motors helped me out a lot in getting my first truck. Every one here was nice and helped answer all my questions. Jason was patient and helped me get the best price for the truck. He talked me through everything step by step. I would recommend A1 Motors to anyone who needs help getting a vehicle quick. My car went out on me last week and a week later I'm here buying a new truck. And it didn't take long at all. Thank you A1.

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  • A Google User

    A Google User via Google

    A1 Motors has provided me with excellence service. Staff have gone above and beyond to ensure I have a good, quality working vehicle and approved a loan others would not. I highly recommend stopping by if you are need of a new vehicle. Quick, painless, and quality staff sold me on this place.

  • Nahush Joshi

    Nahush Joshi via Google

    One of the best places I have been to! A1 Motors takes care of their customers, period. With my credit score, I was denied by a few other car dealers. I spoke with A1 Motors and they said they would get me into a car and they did! Their credit application is simple and will take care of you. When no one else wanted to help me, they did. My payments are not too high and very affordable for my income. I got into a great car with good gas mileage and in great condition. They also went so far as to replace the worn out tires with new ones. When in time of need, A1 motors will take care of you. I'll definitely be a repeat customer.

  • Zack Ellis

    Zack Ellis via Google

    This is the best car lot I have ever seen period. When Noone else would help let alone even be friendly they went above and beyond to help my family. They are family oriented, and very mindfully of the customers wants needs and concerns. Not only did they get me in a car within 12 hours but as I drove off they noticed I could have had better tires, the fact they stopped me and ordered me new tires on the spot to make sure I was well taken care of the fact they have such hi standards makes them the perfect place for all people to get a car from. They had any and every vehicle possible and didn't settle until I was happy. Thank you so much Jason, Stanley and everyone at A1 motors you will always have us as a customer, sincerely the ELLIS family

  • Shelby Antieau

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    Overall Poor to fair

    DO NOT BUY A CAR FROM HERE! This place is full of people who are frauds and will rob you, they don't care. I bought a car from there for 13,000. It was an 07 and they gave me the impression that the car only had 19,000 miles on it. Come to find out they changed the odometer at 91,000 miles so it actually had 110,000. Now I'm having nothing but problems left and right. So while I'm having to pay for all of these costly fixes, I'm still trying to pay off the remaining 9 grand on the car. I even went over to A1 motors explaining everything and he didn't care. He was extremely rude and said it was my issue, not theirs. Of course he had nothing to say about changing the mileage either and questioned me about the proof I had. He wanted to cover himself up because I told him this is a lawsuit waiting to happen. I also talked to several other people and they said they were lied to also and ended up with HORRIBLE cars too. This place is a joke and doesn't sell reliable cars. They cover things up and pretend like the cars they have are good so that they can overprice you and make bank. They only care about the money, not their customers.

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