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A1 Motors

2619 N. Telegraph Rd, Monroe, MI, 48162

Great people i love the service i bought all the cars in my driveway from A1 they run great and i got great deals! thank you Stanley, Jason and Romy!

Michael Kaufman

Michael Kaufman via Google

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a1 motors Reviews

  • Marvin Bozarth

    Marvin Bozarth via Google

    Overall Poor to fair

    We have recieved a broke down 1965 t-bird that is far from fully restored. I would advise anyone not to buy from these faulty people.

  • Valerie Collins

    Valerie Collins via Google

    Overall Poor to fair

    Extremely HORRIBLE experience with this place, to say the least!!!! They misrepresented the vehicle I bought and guaranteed that it was not in any accidents and also guaranteed that the odometer was accurate when in deed they lied about both. I went to trade it in at a reputable dealership and they ran a carfax and it showed that my car had been in 1 accident and also had a red flag for over 100k miles rolled back on the odometer. So when I went back to their establishment they didn't even try to resolve the problem whatsoever. They are very dishonest with the way they run their business and sell their cars. I am not the only person to have the exact same problem with this place. DO NOT BUY FROM THESE PEOPLE!!! Take a look at them on the BBB site, they have had similar complaints. Really wish I would have done my research before buying from these people.

  • Jereca Reber

    Jereca Reber via Google

    Overall Poor to fair

    Do not buy here!!! Everyone here lies! Their mechanic is a joke. After multiple conversations and discussion about the white f350 diesel I was assured that it was up to par I could tell the second I went to start it that it was a fail. The truck blows blue smoke, has a loud clunking noise in the front end, the hubs are frozen. The injectors alone will be thousands to replace. They tried to assure me several times that their "CERTIFIED" mechanic did a complete service, if he did he's a complete idiot. The bed on the truck is worth 6,500 the salesman tried to claim it was worth 30,000!!! Unheard of! Avoid this place they either don't know what they are talking about or they bold face lie! The out the door price is much more than sticker price! A1 is a terrible name it should be called junk motors! They will try as hard as possible to make you believe it runs fine....

  • Chelsea Meloche

    Chelsea Meloche via Google

    We had very specific criteria for what we were looking for in our next used vehicle and were having a very hard time finding exactly what we wanted. After calling a number of dealer ships that basically blew me off, I contacted A1 Motors in Monroe (1.5hrs from my home town). Like every other dealership, A1's listing wasn't exactly what I was looking for but I hoped that they would at least discuss options. From that first call to the final signature they went above and beyond what I would expect from any dealership. I always buy used because of the mileage I put on my vehicles each year. I have bought from a number of the "big" dealerships in the past and frankly I've never been treated this well, even when buying a very expensive luxury car. FIVE STARS! TWO THUMBS UP! EXCELLENT!

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