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I had scheduled an appointment online for 6:45am (super convenient...the time and the ability to schedule online). I arrived at 6:30am and so I had to wait maybe 5 minutes for the Service Advisor to finish with another customer. When Karl called me over he was so apologetic for my wait...I assured him it was no big deal, I was early and it was only five minutes!!!!

The service technicians took my car right in and changed the oil, and some other routine things I had asked for.....they even filled up my windshield washer fluid!

Even better....they finished my car and had me on the road about 20 minutes earlier than the quoted time!

My car is long out of warranty (I drive to Boston 4 days a week) but I wouldn't DREAM of going anywhere but Balise Toyota. Keep up the awesome work.

Mateo Arnold

Mateo Arnold via Google

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  • PJ Stuart

    PJ Stuart via Google

    I am so disappointed in Balise Toyota. I bought my Highlander there two years ago and was sold the extended warranty. I was told how awesome it was and that if I broke down a thousand miles from a Toyota dealership, they would tow me, put me up in a hotel, and fix the car, blah, blah, blah. Well, I now have a flat tire and found out that the coverage only extends to $100 for any service needed. So if my car needs to be towed 1000 miles, I'm going to be paying the balance for the tow. Just don't lie to people. It makes for bad business. I will be getting a AAA plan in the morning. And I will never buy another car from Balise again. Makes me sad.

    UPDATE: Diane called me from customer service to discuss the issue and apparently I was given the wrong information when I called Toyota Care. They will indeed tow me to the nearest dealership without charge. I was not lied to. My faith in Balise has been fully restored, and I will purchase my next vehicle from the them. Thanks for the excellent customer service!

  • Bill Morales

    Bill Morales via Google

    Overall Poor to fair

    Really disappointed at Balise Toyota, we bought our first Toyota from Balise in 1998 and since then we have bought 4 other vehicles from them and have had exceptional service from them, We recently got a 2016 Rav4 and we have a tire that keeps losing pressure, we stopped by Balise on Saturday the 23rd at 7am to get it looked at and we were told they were too busy to take care if us and to make an appointment so we left a bit let down as that's never happened before. I went online and requested an appointment but no one responded to that request so this morning I tried calling in thinking I would get a better response instead I got a gentleman who mumbled his name and seemed exhausted or not interested in doing his job, again never experienced this before, this gentleman proceeded to tell me the next available appointment is Saturday the 30th at 3:15pm when I asked if he had anything sooner he said that's the soonest appointment we have. I told him I couldn't wait that long as we leave for vacation on Saturday and I don't know what's wrong with the tire and if its safe, I would have go to a local tire shop and get it fixed he said ok thanks and hung up.
    Not the Balise I have dealt with in the past and not the Balise I recommended to friends and family over the last 18 years, very sad to see such a great Dealership treat loyal customers this way.

  • Lisa Ducharme

    Lisa Ducharme via Google

    I am a Honda person, but when my Honda broke down with 394,000 thousand miles, I tried a Toyota, I bought my first Toyota in Feb 2015 in Northampton, good dealership, a couple of bumps, but good. Then in Feb 2015, my car was sideswiped and I needed a new one.. Northampton wasn't able to help me, so I went to Toyota of Greenfield, terrible!!! Don't recommend, and they put an unauthorized starter in my car, and so much more.. Because of my concern for my engine and it was a new car, when the opportunity came up to trade my car in at a good rate, I went to Balise, from the minute I walked in until the minute I left with my new car, I had nothing but excellent service, not even a small bump! Out of the three Dealerships, I would strongly recommend Balise, Top Notch Customer Service!

  • Matt Gordon

    Matt Gordon via Google

    Overall Poor to fair

    I would be willing to leave a better review if I have been able to get service. I currently work at a Toyota dealership out of state and was looking to get a simple 15000 mile service. I was told on three separate occasions via phone that they could not take care of me that day unless I dropped off my car for the entire day. I actually came in on two occasions to attempt to give them my business. Both times I was turned away. I would never turn a guest away attempting to give us their business. Something has changed in their mentality. I am open to receiving contact to discuss further.

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