Balise Toyota

1399 Riverdale St, West Springfield, MA, 01089

Awesome didn't have any cridit and drove off the lot in a new 2016 frs at 1.9apr. Took only 4 hours and the people that work there are very helpful.

adam gryszko

adam gryszko via Google

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  • Tom Smith

    Tom Smith via Google

    This place is how car buying and servicing SHOULD BE! I bought my Camry last year and loved the One Price System - no BS, this is the price. I HATE trying to figure out if I got a good deal and you don't have to's all in black and white.

    Anyway, the reason I am writing this review is I decided to service at the dealership and I am SO happy I did (usually I go to a quick place for oil changes). The people who write up the bill at Balise are nice, but the Customer Service Manager Diane really goes above and beyond to make sure everyone is happy. This lady is definitely in the right job!

    Thanks Balise, I will be back.

  • carmella miller

    carmella miller via Google

    Overall Poor to fair

    I brought in my wireless keys remote because battery was dead after putting in new battery still did not work went back inside to tell the service man and he said we would have to put it on the diagnosis machine and it going to cost I said no thank you and left. You are not going to tell me that the service tech did not know you just have to resink the remotes to the car, LEARNED THAT ON GOOGLE THAN ON YOU TUBE. Thanks for all your help Toyota dealer. NEVER AGAIN

  • Tameika Daley

    Tameika Daley via Google

    Knowledge and friendly staff! I know they are there to sell you a vehicle but the level of customer service and care was greatly appreciated. They were upfront about everything and made us feel like we made a good deal and of course we LOVE our vehicle! Thank you Balise Toyota, Jose and Mark !!

  • Roger Youmans

    Roger Youmans via Google

    Overall Poor to fair

    I went into my dealer with what I thought was a blown fuse. (My driver window suddenly stopped working on my 2012 Camry.) I told the service rep that I thought I had a fuse out -- yes, I did not even know where the fuses were. She said there would be a $79 diagnostic fee, and I said sure if it's not just a blown fuse, but check the fuses first. Well, they did NOT do as I asked and instead took apart my door first. THEN they checked the fuses only to find out that one had come loose.

    It's bad enough to be charged $83.56 to have a loose fuse pushed back in -- any honest mechanic would have maybe charged a few bucks for the 2 minutes it took, but it really stinks that they ignored what I asked them to do, to just check the fuses first, and charged me the full diagnostic fee plus tax. When I complained about them ignoring what I said, the service rep got furious, and she called the "muscle" from the back to intimidate me. He treated me like an idiot, and I paid the fee because they would not let me have my car otherwise.

    Don't bring your car here! $83.56 to push in a fuse is HIGHWAY ROBBERY! And no one deserves to be treated the way I was!! And to think I have bought 2 cars from this dealer and have brought both cars here for ALL of our maintenance and service! I mistakenly assumed they would take care of me, not take advantage of me. Lesson learned! I will NEVER come back to Balise Toyota for ANYTHING after this!

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