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Betten Chevrolet Gmc Cadillac

2474 Henry St, Muskegon, MI, 49441

I was thrilled to take home my new Chevy Cruze on a Saturday. I appreciate that salesman, Steve Cooper, made an appointment on his day off. I thought I'd have to wait until Monday to pick up my vehicle. This is my fifth new vehicle purchase and the first time it was made ready for me while I processed the finance paperwork. In the past I would pick out the car and have to come back on another day to actually drive it home. Steve was extremely helpful and all personnel that I met were very friendly. I would definitely recommend this dealership to my friends and family.

Christina Kinsley

Christina Kinsley via Google

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betten chevrolet gmc cadillac Reviews

  • Kim Shows-Miller

    Kim Shows-Miller via Google

    I would highly recommend this Dealership... Great service.

  • Maria Harjer

    Maria Harjer via Google

    Overall Poor to fair

    Well, once again, Betten Chevrolet-Cadillac-GMC, did not do what they promised to do. I made an appointment for my daughters car to have her recall work done. That appointment was last Wednesday, November 12,2014. I was the person that was able to drop off and walk to work, during the recall work. Two days before this visit, Nov 10, 2014, I finally got that call from the service department that my key was in. That key that was ordered on June, 23rd, 2014. Amazingly it magically came in on October 24th, they said they just forgot to call me. Well, I stopped in there and spoke to the girl that was following up on all of this. She walked me out to the service department and told the service guy to make sure ALL the work that is on the invoice is done for my daughters car. Well, when I came to pick it up, 8 1/2 hours after I dropped it off, they have me sign the invoice before they pulled the car up. Then getting into the car, I noticed the car was not vacuumed out, like the invoice they had me sign said. They always have you sign the invoices before you inspect the work. They do the oil changes on her car. Last time, we tried to make appointment for this, they said they don't make appointments for oil changes. It took three hours for the oil change. When we said something, the response was he should of made an appointment. Along with her oil changes, they supposedly check, rotate and fill the tires. They have only rotated them and filled with air one of the last three times. We know this because there is a slow leak in one tire. It has only moved once. The other fluids are supposedly checked as well. These have been checked once as well. They have tried to shut me up with a $50. gift card. A gift card that will go un-used

  • Alexandra A. Rajewski

    Alexandra A. Rajewski via Google

    Overall Poor to fair

    Took my vehicle to this dealership for recall repairs, was told it would be weeks before my vehicle could even be looked at but was given a NICE rental car for free. Rep called and told me my vehicle was ready to be picked up about a week after I dropped it off, when I showed up to Betten, I was told my vehicle was not ready and I would get a call on the status of it by the end of the day. Never recieved the call, just chalked it up to a mistake due the the apparent misorganization of the business. Another 7 days had passed and I recieved another call stating I was going to have to pay for the rental car because I didn't come to pick my car up. They waived the rental car fee because they made a mistake. I got my vehicle back with a very unaligned steering wheel, not the way I took it in.

    Vehicle now starts, but now needs wheel alignment due to poor repair.
    Betten paid for their $500 rental car.

    Poor quality work.
    Still calling a week later to remind me of my scheduled appointment when my vehicle has already been "repaired".

    Will avoid this dealership, will not take vehicle back to fix their own mistakes.

  • Thomas Case

    Thomas Case via Google

    Cannot praise Jeff Hawley, Paul Grissom, Bob Bice, and the whole garage staff enough, for the wonderful treatment, knowledge, and quality of work I have benefited from over the years. Paul makes it happen in the show room, and Jeff, Bob, et. al. are really "top notch." It makes my visits to Betten very enjoyable. Kudos to whoever makes the coffee too!!

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