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I am very satisfied with my new car and I appreciate salesman, Dan Benham, going above and beyond to help me get into it. I love it and will definitely do more business with Betten in the future. I highly recommend getting your newest vehicle through Betten and if you get the chance to get Dan as your salesman all the better. Thanks again Dan and the finance man, you are appreciated.

Michelle B

Michelle B via Google

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  • Shiray Watson

    Shiray Watson via Google

    Overall Poor to fair

    Dropped off my 2004 Envoy, after having the battery/alternator/started checked at Autozone, to find out what was draining so many units of power (per slip from Autozone). Informed the technician of this problem and the fact that I had slip stating it was not the battery, alternator or starter. I also asked for the $39.95 oil change/tire rotation special per Betten's website and an engine flush (that they recommended, along with a few other things. I informed Kelly that I had a few other things I wanted estimates on (noise from wheel, passenger door, and rear wiper) but that the electrical (power drain) was top priority and to not do any work pass the oil change/tire rotation and engine flush. That was at 12:45 Thursday (10/8). At approx. 11 a.m. 10/9, I get a call from Kelly stating she had to leave the office and someone else would call me back w/update on vehicle. I got another call at 2:30 telling me my car had just gone back for service. I inquired as to "what service" and the gentlemen told me he couldn't say, just that it was going back and he was filling in for Kelly. Ok. I get another call around 4:30ish, same guy telling me he wasn't sure the diagnostics would be complete by the time they closed @ 5:30. My response was "you've had my car for 2 days and the main thing I brought it in for has not been complete?" His response: I'm sorry ma'am, I'm just letting you know the status of you car. I don't know nothing about your vehicle." Ok. I get a call @ 5:09 p.m., "Ma'am, the diagnostics is done "it's your battery", so you can pick your vehicle up. Remember we close at 5:30, do you need a ride?" I picked my vehicle up that following morning to be presented with a bill for $232, $178 of which was labor, no estimate on anything was given me; and when I inquired as to speaking to the technician that worked on my vehicle or the manager, I was rudely told by a woman sitting at the cashier window (while she was assisting another customer and interrupting the conversation I was having with the technician that had my paperwork but knew nothing about my vehicle) that neither were present and would not return until Monday @ 8:00 a.m.. I've been calling, Steve, since 7:58 a.m. and no one has responded (just rung until 8:17 a.m.). I was finally able to leave a message, now I wait for a return call. Even I know that if it was my battery it wouldn't do anything, especially not take a charge (jump). Needless to say, I will NEVER take my vehicle back to Betten and would recommend no one else does either! And to think I was going to purchase a new vehicle from them...HA!

  • Angie Hall

    Angie Hall via Google

    I dealt with Paul Grissom for the purchase of my vehicle. If he hadn't been the salesman that I was dealing with I would have walked out of your dealership and never came back. At times it was hard to tell if I was at a bar or a college party. The other young men that were working that day were using language that made even my husband blush. In fact, my husband had to go and ask them to stop their conversation. The best part about the whole scenario is that when I asked to speak to the general manager about the behavior I was told that he was the one being the most obnoxious! Blake, the sales manager, had his feet up on his desk and was surrounded by the majority of his sales team telling a story about a woman he was with recently. I will spare you the details, but as you can imagine there were some less than favorable words exchanged. I feel sorry for the woman who was working the front desk, the things she had to hear and must hear on a daily basis were appalling.

    When everything was all said and done Blake came to apologize to me. His excuse was "well we are supposed to be closed right now so...sorry about that." Apparently since the business was "supposed to be closed" we must have been an inconvenience to him, maybe he was hinting that he wanted us and the other couple on the salesroom floor to leave? I don't know. He tried to smooth things over by offering me free gas, I can tell you that no amount of free anything would bring me back into the dealership to talk to him for any amount of time.

    Paul was fantastic, he apologized to me numerous times about the behavior I had to witness. Again, if it weren't for him I would have taken my business elsewhere. I run a retail store, I understand that from time to time employees can get a little carried away. But what I witnessed was completely unacceptable. It seems that Blake is in over his head with how to run a business and handle team relationships. I would highly suggest Paul for a promotion.

  • Shawanda Tumblin

    Shawanda Tumblin via Google

    Wow! What an awesome experience! My sales consultant Felicia Hayes was phenomenal! She was pleasant, kept in contact with me, and made me feel really comfortable. I expressed to her what type of car I was looking for and she took excellent care of me. Not only did I get the car I wanted, but it is brand new! In the past I have gone to a dealership to purchase a car and it would take several days for them to take care of the paperwork and get back to you etc. but not her, she gathered all of my information, and had my car ready for me by the time I got off work! Same day service! This is my first NEW car and it feels fantastic! Thank you soooo much Betten for having sales consultants like her who really know how to take care of customers from beginning to end. I'm all smiles with my new 2015 Equinox!

  • Maria Harjer

    Maria Harjer via Google

    Overall Poor to fair

    Well, once again, Betten Chevrolet-Cadillac-GMC, did not do what they promised to do. I made an appointment for my daughters car to have her recall work done. That appointment was last Wednesday, November 12,2014. I was the person that was able to drop off and walk to work, during the recall work. Two days before this visit, Nov 10, 2014, I finally got that call from the service department that my key was in. That key that was ordered on June, 23rd, 2014. Amazingly it magically came in on October 24th, they said they just forgot to call me. Well, I stopped in there and spoke to the girl that was following up on all of this. She walked me out to the service department and told the service guy to make sure ALL the work that is on the invoice is done for my daughters car. Well, when I came to pick it up, 8 1/2 hours after I dropped it off, they have me sign the invoice before they pulled the car up. Then getting into the car, I noticed the car was not vacuumed out, like the invoice they had me sign said. They always have you sign the invoices before you inspect the work. They do the oil changes on her car. Last time, we tried to make appointment for this, they said they don't make appointments for oil changes. It took three hours for the oil change. When we said something, the response was he should of made an appointment. Along with her oil changes, they supposedly check, rotate and fill the tires. They have only rotated them and filled with air one of the last three times. We know this because there is a slow leak in one tire. It has only moved once. The other fluids are supposedly checked as well. These have been checked once as well. They have tried to shut me up with a $50. gift card. A gift card that will go un-used

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