Betten Chevrolet Gmc Cadillac

2474 Henry St, Muskegon, MI, 49441
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Heath Dutton is amazing at what he does and Adam Priest is very good at his job as well. Most of the staff were friendly and helpful. Hands down the best experience at a car dealer. Keep up the amazing job.

Charles Russell

Charles Russell via Google

Overall Poor to fair
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  • Svenska Flicka

    Svenska Flicka via Google

    Overall Poor to fair

    Got my oil changed. Not only did they wash my car, the vacuumed up all the dirt and leaves on the floor! While you wait they have a variety of snacks from Brooklyn Bagels & coffee too for you to enjoy! If your car will be there for a while, they offer a free ride to & from wearever you want to go!

  • George Jett

    George Jett via Google

    Overall Poor to fair

    One month I take my trade-in in and the manager says it worth 14,500.00. They were closing so he would get back with me which never happened. The sad part was I was already approved by my bank I just needed to find a car I wanted. I gave them the benefit of the doubt when no one called me so I went back several months later and now my trade is worth 10,000.00 lol. My problem is the first time they looked at it the year of the car was wrong, they had it listed as a 2007 when it was a 2008! It should be worth more and he knew this! I realize cars depreciate over time but not that quick. Unfortunately I use to sale cars and worked as a finance manager for years so I'm not a novice at this!

  • Victoria Stradtner

    Victoria Stradtner via Google

    Overall Poor to fair

    Only giving one star because I can't give anything less. My fiancé considered buying a vehicle from them a couple of years ago, but wisely decided not to. Unfortunately, they've been harassing him ever since. He has repeatedly told them in the past few months to remove him from the mailing list (both in person and over the phone...) And still has a stack of junk mail from them since the last time he told them to remove him. This is harassment plain and simple.

  • shannon wade

    shannon wade via Google

    Overall Poor to fair

    Buying a new car for sure . A USED car you need to be extra careful . Make sure things have been checked. I just bought a USED car from them and the battery had allot of acid on it .a week later had a $631.86 repair that had to be taken care of. I feel for the price I paid those things should of been taken care of also. Plus small amount of oil in the vehicle. The staff they have are great people to deal with. i enjoy working with Paul Grissom.

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