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I am very satisfied with my new car and I appreciate salesman, Dan Benham, going above and beyond to help me get into it. I love it and will definitely do more business with Betten in the future. I highly recommend getting your newest vehicle through Betten and if you get the chance to get Dan as your salesman all the better. Thanks again Dan and the finance man, you are appreciated.

Michelle B

Michelle B via Google

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  • Royal Company

    Royal Company via Google

    Overall Poor to fair

    I really don't know where to begin....I bought a 2008 Chevy Impala SS in November 2015 and the transmission went out in February 2016! Thats right, 4 months! There was never any sign of this going to happen and i paid $11,500 for the car. I called the dealership and they said they couldnt do a dam thing for me. Dewayne sold me the car and just got his pay day and said the hell with me. Funny thing is my family has done business with them for almost 30 years and to just get treated like this is unacceptable. They also have another dealership called Betten-Baker in which i've have friends who got cars from them and a short time later it was broken with major repair damage like mines. They will smile in your face like everything is ok, but they just want your money. I WILL NEVER PURCHASE ANOTHER CAR FROM THEM NOR WILL I RECOMMEND THESE ROBBERS TO ANYONE ON THIS EARTH!!

  • Brittney Hosko

    Brittney Hosko via Google

    Overall Poor to fair

    This is complete bullshit! A month ago I got my first loan for a 2012 Chevy Cruze. The car has been in the shop a total of 3 times and the problem has not been fixed after being in that many times. We went in there Friday and told them we wanted them to take the car back, of course they refuse and told us the only way they will take it back is if we get a car through them again and the funny thing is our dealer admitted to us that there has been 5 cars in the last 2 weeks returned back to them.... So yesterday we went back into Betten to talk to the boss we made a deal with them that we would give them 24 hours to find a car in my price range we told the guy to be there at 9am and he completely bailed on us and is ignoring our phone calls. I am not one happy girl right now considering I dont have a vechile at the moment and on top of that I got approved for another loan for a truck, but they won't give me the loan until the other loan is cleared, but Betten is just twiddling their thumbs.

  • Warren Blackwell

    Warren Blackwell via Google

    Overall Poor to fair

    I would buy another vehicle through betten I've been screwed over twice already by theses scam artist.
    1. My wife and I bought an suv (I was out of town so my wife had me on speaker phone w/her and the dealer, Dave Green). I told him the price I was willing to pay but I had to have a full bumper to bumper warranty(the ultra-wrap warranty) included in that price. After going back & fourth about other options because they couldn't get the warranty I wanted worked in with the price I wanted I told my wife yo leave (I'm still on the speaker so I can here them & they can here me) then Dave says wait let met talk to my guy. He comes back and says he got the warranty we wanted so my wife wrote them a check for me.
    When I got back in town I looked at the warranty paperwork and Dave just put a power Tran warranty on our vehicle. I went back to Dave several times to fix this problem and he acted like he didn't know what I was talking then he about ducking me when I wold come up there. So I went to the used sales manager to take care of this and said he would and if I didn't hear back the next day call him. Well now I had to start playing the ducking out game w/the manager for over a year. Finally after some persistence on my behalf we finally got the warranty we first agreed on. On top of all that he gave us the wrong roof racks and broke the plastic rail cover trying to put them on our Acadia.

    2. When I bought my charger from betten gmc. The front driver speaker was blown. So Dave said that if I can put the speaker in then he would simply order and mail them to me at my out of state address. Well an entire spring and half of summer passed and no speaker. So when I got back to mi. I questioned him about it and he played dumb saying he sent them and don't know what happened as to why I never got them so I had to stay on him about that until I finally got My replacement speaker. Meanwhile my car had been sqeeking sense about a week after I bought it and it was getting worse. So I took it back to betten to be looked at twice (they kept my car for about a 7 weeks in total).
    The 1st time I took it in I got a call back from service department trying to charge me $500 for this pre existing problem.

    On the second time I had to go in for this same problem they gave me a loaner car. And the first call I get from betten (about 3 or 4 wks later) is them threatening to press charges on my if I don't return their loaner car. ('06 charger se w/75000+ miles) and my car (2010 charger sxt w/less than 40,000 miles) has been ready for over a week and a half.

    I wish I could give -5 stars

  • Shiray Watson

    Shiray Watson via Google

    Overall Poor to fair

    Dropped off my 2004 Envoy, after having the battery/alternator/started checked at Autozone, to find out what was draining so many units of power (per slip from Autozone). Informed the technician of this problem and the fact that I had slip stating it was not the battery, alternator or starter. I also asked for the $39.95 oil change/tire rotation special per Betten's website and an engine flush (that they recommended, along with a few other things. I informed Kelly that I had a few other things I wanted estimates on (noise from wheel, passenger door, and rear wiper) but that the electrical (power drain) was top priority and to not do any work pass the oil change/tire rotation and engine flush. That was at 12:45 Thursday (10/8). At approx. 11 a.m. 10/9, I get a call from Kelly stating she had to leave the office and someone else would call me back w/update on vehicle. I got another call at 2:30 telling me my car had just gone back for service. I inquired as to "what service" and the gentlemen told me he couldn't say, just that it was going back and he was filling in for Kelly. Ok. I get another call around 4:30ish, same guy telling me he wasn't sure the diagnostics would be complete by the time they closed @ 5:30. My response was "you've had my car for 2 days and the main thing I brought it in for has not been complete?" His response: I'm sorry ma'am, I'm just letting you know the status of you car. I don't know nothing about your vehicle." Ok. I get a call @ 5:09 p.m., "Ma'am, the diagnostics is done "it's your battery", so you can pick your vehicle up. Remember we close at 5:30, do you need a ride?" I picked my vehicle up that following morning to be presented with a bill for $232, $178 of which was labor, no estimate on anything was given me; and when I inquired as to speaking to the technician that worked on my vehicle or the manager, I was rudely told by a woman sitting at the cashier window (while she was assisting another customer and interrupting the conversation I was having with the technician that had my paperwork but knew nothing about my vehicle) that neither were present and would not return until Monday @ 8:00 a.m.. I've been calling, Steve, since 7:58 a.m. and no one has responded (just rung until 8:17 a.m.). I was finally able to leave a message, now I wait for a return call. Even I know that if it was my battery it wouldn't do anything, especially not take a charge (jump). Needless to say, I will NEVER take my vehicle back to Betten and would recommend no one else does either! And to think I was going to purchase a new vehicle from them...HA!

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