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A Second Look at the Chevrolet Volt

For a young car the Chevrolet Volt has suffered a lifetime of public relations grief. Hyped from its start as concept car in 2007 Volt was hailed as the next great automotive idea. As a niche car it could not have hoped to live up to 3 years of mounting anticipation. Leading up to Volt’s production launch it was hit with semantic arguments over whether it was a plug-in hybrid or a true electric and over defining mileage claims. After it hit the street in late 2010 it became embroiled in partisan political shoving match over the federal energy policy. If that isn’t enough scrutiny from a safety glitch revealed in crash test required a design revision. Through all the clutter it is nearly impossible to get an unbiased evaluation of the Volt. Looking at the recent rise in fuel prices it may be time to take a second look at what Chevy Volt really brings to the table. Continue Reading »

7 Affordable Alternatives to Hybrid Vehicles

With the sale of hybrid vehicles on the rise and seemingly one on every block it may be a good time to remember that there is more than one way to skin a cat. Several fuel saving strategies are worth pondering. Let’s face it hybrid technology is not a one size fits all solution. The additional upfront cost for hybrids is typically $3500 to $6000 more than comparable gas only models. It may take longer to pay off the car than it would to realize the benefit of those fuel economy gains. For some knowing that they reduced fuel usage may be just the carrot they need to make the hybrid commitment. For others there are several viable alternatives that better balance their green conscience with their own wallets. With more stringent fuel economy and emissions regulation on the horizon manufacturers are employing a multipronged approach to bumping up fuel economy. That means more fuel efficient options than ever. So don’t limit your choice to just hybrids and plug-in hybrids. Continue Reading »

To 4WD or to not 4WD

When looking for a vehicle there never seems to be much deliberation about four-wheel or all-wheel drive systems. Either buyer’s expect them or they don’t. Often times a singular experience drives their decision to four-wheel-drive (4WD) or not to four-wheel drive. People who feel they need 4WD may have in the front of their minds a positive or negative experience that dictates their choice. Maybe they had a personal struggle in a snowstorm that left them physiologically scarred. Perhaps they were riding shotgun in a friend’s 4x4 pickup that confidently blew through a foot of white powder past a bunch of front wheel drive sedans that could barely drive ten feet without spinning out. With so much emotion from an experience like this it may be helpful to have some logic to balance it out. Continue Reading »

Four Features That Will Boost Car’s Resale Value

When it comes down to purchasing a new car most people consider features with personal appeal. However four or five years down the line when attempting to sell it used your personal taste may not mesh with that of that of the buying market. Such a loss in value can seriously deflate your ownership experience. On the other hand balancing individual preferences and broad appeal will better serve the overall car ownership experience. Many unique vehicle features may make hundreds or thousands of dollars of difference in the long run. Continue Reading »

Looking for an Alternative to the Minivan.

The problem with Minivans is that they are long on practicality and short on personality. For many their automobile is more than just a point-A-to-point-B solution. They see their vehicle as an extension of themselves. While they may be perfect little people hauling, car seat accommodating, gear-toting vehicles people just cannot get over the suburban soccer mom persona. But once the ultrasound technician informs you, “there are twins in that belly,” the jellybean shaped die is cast and the alternatives seem to come down to Caravan, Sienna or Odyssey. Before you pull the trigger on your commitment to sliding doors you may want to consider some alternatives just to be sure. Continue Reading »