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Gas Saving Tips

Gas Saving Tips
Gas costs continue to rise, whether the gas costs at your local stations have continued to rise or you simply have been lazy or unknowing of how to keep your gas and travel budget as low as possible, you could be saving money that you should have never should have spent. Below are some helpful gas money saving tips sure to help during your commute as well as on longer road trips and when on everyday errands. Continue Reading »

Unfreezing Frozen Car Doors

Unfreezing Frozen Car Doors
When temperatures drop during the cold months of the year, sometimes you may have trouble opening your car doors. When water leaks into the lock or between the car frame and seal, more than often car doors freeze. In order to combat this occurrence, you will need a solvent such as alcohol or to melt the ice with heat. There are several ways to unfreeze car doors, below are a few things you can do to melt the ice away and get on with your day whenever you encounter frozen locks and doors. Continue Reading »

Miss a Car Payment? Your Plan of Action

Whether you have a new or used car, it's likely that you need to make payments on it depending on its age. Now, your car is how you get to and from work and how you function in your day to day life. So what happens if you suddenly find yourself out of money and can't afford to pay your bill? There's nothing more frightening than the prospect of being without your vehicle. It could significantly limit your ability to fix your finances as well, since you'd have no way to get to work. Continue Reading »

With Gas Prices on the Rise, How Can I Save?

In case you haven't noticed, prices are going up and up and up at the pump. And if projections are to be believed, they'll continue to go up and possibly reach $5 a gallon this summer. That's a hard hit to anyone's pocketbook. But in this current economy, it can be especially tough. So what are struggling families to do to get by? Continue Reading »

Fast Ways Rejuvenate Your Car's Interior

Fixing up your old car can feel like a real drag, especially with all that scrubbing and cleaning. However, most people get the job done. On the outside. Unfortunately, a lot of people forget to apply that cleaning process to the interior of their cars as well. This can result in dirty, rundown interiors that make your friends cringe and send potential buyers running in the other direction. Continue Reading »

Basic Car Care 101

Even though today’s cars are more sophisticated than cars from the past, the same rule applies to car maintenance. If you don’t keep up with simple car maintenance you could run into more serious problems down the road. Let’s face it-most of us don’t have extra money to blow and we sure don’t want to invest in any unnecessary car problems that could be unavoided. You can avoid car difficulties by keeping an eye on a few simple things and making you’re your car is properly maintained on a regular basis. Here’s the best part of car maintenance-you don’t need to be a rocket scientist and it won’t break a hole in your bank account. But rest assured, if you fail to keep up with these few simple maintenance rules-you will be driving into more difficulty down the road. So where do you begin you’re your basic car care routine? Continue Reading »

Pimping Your Wheels-The 411

For some people their car is a symbol of who they are. They treat their car as if it were a member of their family. They make sure it is bathed, fed, and in perfect health. And when possible that person will spend more money trying to fix up their ride. That is known as “pimping’ your wheels. Some people are satisfied with the wheels parked in their driveway. They keep the oil changed and the car gassed up. But for others this just isn’t enough-they want to pimp their wheels. Continue Reading »

To Share or Not To Share?

Since buying a car, then paying for insurance, gas, and parking can be so expensive, car-shares with friends may seem like an attractive option. Before you go this route, consider the implications carefully. Continue Reading »

Why Road Trips Still Make Sense

A colleague of mine recently drove all the way to Boston to attend his son's graduation at one the esteemed universities in that part of our nation. I enjoyed talking to this co-worker about his trip, since I lived in the Boston area for many years before moving to Northern Virginia.

"Really - you drove?" I said, shocked, thinking of the inconvenience, the cost of gasoline. Continue Reading »

Why Used Cars are HOT This Summer

These days it seems a lot of people want used cars, even though there aren’t that many around. This reduced supply and increased demand leads to higher prices for used cars, or what many are calling a "seller's market." To understand why this is happening, first we have to look back a few years. Continue Reading »