Car Selling Tips

Using eBay to Sell a Car

When most people think about selling a car, they utilize typical resources like newspapers or classified ads. Online venues for this exist as well. However, many don’t think about using a site like eBay. Yes, it is an auction site, but it can be a great way to promote your car and sell it quickly and easily. Continue Reading »

Car Selling Safety: Meeting Potential Buyers for the First Time

The idea of selling your car online is a great one. It's super convenient and it puts you into contact with a much broader variety of people. Still, there are inherent risks with this because the people on the other side of the ad are strangers. A few people have been killed because the people saying they were interested in their vehicles for sale were actually con artists and criminals. Continue Reading »

Closing the Deal When Selling Your Car

It can be an exciting moment when you actually find a buyer for your car. After all, you'll likely have gone through quite a few interested parties before you land on one that's willing to pony up the cash. And while it's acceptable to feel a bit relieved at having found a buyer, now isn't the time to relax. In fact, you still have some more work to do before you completely close the deal. Continue Reading »

Presenting Your Used Car for Sale

Trying to sell your car can be a taxing experience. You've got to deal with all the paperwork and such, of course, but you also need to concentrate on finding a buyer. It's not enough to put a listing in the local paper or online for your car. You also need to take the time to make your used car presentable. Continue Reading »

Use YouTube to Sell Your Car

When most people sit down to construct a car ad, they think about writing up some salesy text and adding a few pictures. However, in this day and age, you might want to think a little bit bigger. Creating a video and uploading it to YouTube is an excellent way to attract buyers and to assure them that your car is in the condition you say it is. Continue Reading »

Is it Time to Sell Your Car?

For some, the decision to part with their car can be difficult. Especially if you generally enjoy the ride. But not every car is suited for every person and you may find after careful evaluation that selling your car is the best decision for your current situation. Here are a few questions you can ask yourself to see if your car's time is up. Continue Reading »

Four Features That Will Boost Your Next Car’s Resale Value

When it comes down to purchasing a new car most people consider features with personal appeal. However four or five years down the line when attempting to sell it used your personal taste may not mesh with that of that of the buying market. Such a loss in value can seriously deflate your ownership experience. On the other hand balancing individual preferences and broad appeal will better serve the overall car ownership experience. Many unique vehicle features may make hundreds or thousands of dollars of difference in the long run. Continue Reading »

Are you Attached to your Old Car?

We are creatures of habit-we like to hold on to things like babies hold on to their pacifiers. We are collectors of treasures and we enjoy placing prized items on our selves and in our garages. Some people spend more money on collectibles than any other item they own. Perhaps this doesn’t accurately describe you, but what about that old car you’ve been driving for nearly a decade? Everyone has a story about their favorite old car and your story is as different as you are which makes it unique in its own right. What are your reasons for holding on to your old car? Continue Reading »

Car Confidence

People are increasingly aware of the importance of presentation. It’s why you dress up in a suit and try to smell nice when you go on a job interview. It’s why you pay extra at a Japanese restaurant, so you can gaze at the little ginger flowers and perfectly-stacked multicolored morsels on your plate before scarfing them down. Continue Reading »

Has Your Car Been Around?

When you’re buying a used car, what you see is not always what you get. The vehicle may look beautiful and clean, and it might purr nicely during a short test drive. How do you know the power steering pump isn’t about to break? What assurance do you have that the transmission has only a few hundred miles left in it? Continue Reading »