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Miss a Car Payment? Your Plan of Action

Whether you have a new or used car, it's likely that you need to make payments on it depending on its age. Now, your car is how you get to and from work and how you function in your day to day life. So what happens if you suddenly find yourself out of money and can't afford to pay your bill? There's nothing more frightening than the prospect of being without your vehicle. It could significantly limit your ability to fix your finances as well, since you'd have no way to get to work. Continue Reading »

Deciding on the Best Car Down Payment for You

When you're in the market to buy a new car, you might think only about the total cost of the vehicle. After all, that's what determines whether or not you can afford it, right? However, this approach can be a bit shortsighted. In reality, you need to think about how much you're willing to pay in the form of a down payment on this car. This amount will determine how much car you can actually afford. Continue Reading »

SUV Rollover Safety

When most people buy a new car, their primary concern is with safety. While SUVs typically do pretty well in accidents, they can be dangerous at times due to their tendency to rollover. This fact is usually trumped by the versatility and usability of these vehicles, however. People buy them because they offer ample space and can handle a wide variety of terrain, though the latter is often not really utilized by consumers. No, SUVs make for practical family cars because they can seat many people and there's tons of room to store day to day items and cargo should you go on vacation. Continue Reading »

Avoid Getting Pulled Over in 3 Simple Steps

The last thing you want to have to deal with on any given day is being pulled over by the cops because of a traffic violation. And while the reasoning used to pull you over can feel random at times, there is usually a very good reason. More often than not, it has to do with your behavior on the road. Continue Reading »

What to Look for in a Lease

Most of the time when you get car advice, it's about how to buy a car outright. But what if you'd rather lease? After all, leasing allows you to stay in a new car all the time if you swap it out for a new model every time the terms are up. But what makes a good lease, exactly?

One of the most important things to look for in a lease is residual value. That is, the car should still be worth a pretty penny at the end of your lease's term. Usually, a provider like ALG Inc. will have determined the value of the car to put in the lease contract. You want the car to have a high residual value because it will make for lower payments for you. After all, if the car is worth a lot once the lease is up, the leasing company can still charge a good amount for it should it ever be for sale. Continue Reading »

Getting the Best Deal on Car Insurance

When you buy a new or used car, one thing you need to factor into the cost is how much you'll need to spend on insurance. You see, how much you pay in car insurance is essentially like adding on an additional fee to your car payments. Several factors go into determining the cost of your insurance plan. Continue Reading »

Buying a Used Car with Bad Credit

Trying to buy a car can be difficult no matter what your circumstances. But if you have bad credit, you might think it would be impossible to get the money you need to make a purchase. Thankfully, this isn't the case. Even with bad credit, you can still get a car. You just probably won't be able to get financing for the car. Continue Reading »

Pimping your Car with Dallas Cowboy Accessories

If you live in Dallas, Texas chances are you’re a Dallas Cowboy fan! In fact the chances of you being a Dallas Cowboy fan are probably far greater than you not being one. It would make sense that folks from Dallas would route for the Cowboys, but did you know that there are plenty of Dallas Cowboys fans who live in various places across the globe? I guess this proves that you don’t need to live in Dallas to be a Dallas Cowboys fan. If you’re a Dallas Cowboy diehard then you might want to pimp up your car with Dallas Cowboy accessories. Maybe you have a Dallas Cowboy t-shirt or a poster hanging on one of your walls, but for a true Cowboy fan that probably isn’t enough. - you want to show off your football team pride with some car accessories that say who you are and what team you are routing for. Continue Reading »

Closing the Deal When Selling Your Car

It can be an exciting moment when you actually find a buyer for your car. After all, you'll likely have gone through quite a few interested parties before you land on one that's willing to pony up the cash. And while it's acceptable to feel a bit relieved at having found a buyer, now isn't the time to relax. In fact, you still have some more work to do before you completely close the deal. Continue Reading »