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Dobbs Honda

810 W Wetmore Rd, Tucson, AZ, 85705

This place has a fantastic selection, and people patient and friendly enough to help you sort through it all. That's all you could realistically ask for past a good coffee, and they're willing to offer you that, too.

Sean Posvistak

Sean Posvistak via Google

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dobbs honda Reviews

  • ibsandylane

    ibsandylane via Google

    I originally went into the dealership to buy a 2010 Honda Fit with 48,000 miles, which I found on the internet. I felt that I would be unable to afford a new one. The car I found turned out to be sold earlier that morning. I worked with Martin Fiello, and he was able to put me into a new 2015 Fit for only $20 more than the payments would be on the older one. It had been 15 years since I bought a car, and I was very impressed with Martin's honesty and willingness to meet my needs. My entire experience was above what I expected from a car dealership, and I was impressed with the customer service I received from everyone there. I am extremely happy with my new car, and highly recommend Auto Nation, and Martin Fiello.

  • Eli Roberts

    Eli Roberts via Google

    Overall Poor to fair

    Put on hold for 10min. Unfriendly receptionist, and guy at parts department sounded like he was done for the day. (2:30pm) staff seemed uninterested in making a sale.
    Two stars because maybe the parts department was over run with customers and MAYBE the associate was having a bad day.

    I will go somewhere else.

  • Armondo Quintero

    Armondo Quintero via Google

    Overall Poor to fair

    Very disappointed with how I was treated there. I felt like they had my best interest at heart, but in the end all they saw me at was a sale. There is more to this process than just getting the customer to buy. Long story short I bought a car but didn't have a chance to try it out because i drive a company vehicle. Once I did I realized I made a mistake and wanted something better (leather seats, lower miles). I wanted to buy a car that would last a long time and be a perfect fit for me and my kids. I returned the following week and was very clear i didn't want my money back just a better car, cost was not an issue.The only thing they would do for me was gave me trade in value for it. WTF?!? They wanted me to trade in a car that I just bought, I would lose over $4000 in that process, and they would make more money. The finance guy said he talked to the GM but it was a no go. The finance officer was nice and professional until he told me "sorry man, nothing we can do". After that he wouldn't answer or return my calls. The fact of the matter is that my bank was willing to work with me, everyone I talked to cannot believe that they wouldn't help me. I don't think the finance guy even talked to the GM. There are a couple of more lies and dishonest things they did but I will save that part for the email I'll write to the GM and Regional Manager. I don't think they would appreciate how this process was handled. They would have gained a customer for life and numerous referrals, but now they lost a customer and Ill tell everyone my story who will listen. Live and learn I guess. They can blame and put this on me, wouldn't surprise me with how I was treated.

  • Abu Asaduzzaman

    Abu Asaduzzaman via Google

    Overall Poor to fair

    It’s not a dealer! It’s a scammer. Yes, it is the scam house. I bought a used car from this dealer. Although the marketing guys are good, their finance department is the scam department. The finance manager G***l is an absolute liar. It was the first time, I wanted to buy a car on finance. But this finance manager did not provide me a single true information. Whatever he did was the false information. He charged for extended warranty for a used car without even asking me. As I said, being a first time experience in financing a car, I believed him and he screwed me completely. I lost some money due this. But the important point is not only money, but as buyer you would believe them. Instead, they suck your blood. Never go to this dealer.

    On the positive note, after publishing this review the authority of AutoNation contacted me via mail. After providing the details to the General manager via mail, they finance manager called me and returned the (lost) part of extended warranty money. I hope, they will treat their customers like they did to me after publishing the review.

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