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Dobbs Honda

810 W Wetmore Rd, Tucson, AZ, 85705

Using the Consumer Report internet buying service, I recently purchased a 2015 CRV Touring from Aaron Blom @ AutoNation Honda. I can't say enough positive things about how helpful Aaron was in the decision making process. He demonstrated all the features of the car, let me take a test drive, spent considerable time answering my questions, made sure I felt a got a fare price for the 2003 Toyota Highlander I traded in and explained how to use many of the features before driving the car off the lot. I've had the car for several days, and Aaron has followed up twice to ensure I'm still delighted with the car. I would not hesitate to recommend Aaron to anyone interested in purchasing a new car. Look forward to having the same positive experience with the service department going forward.

Bonnie Yeager

Bonnie Yeager via Google

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dobbs honda Reviews

  • Al Fehr

    Al Fehr via Google

    Overall Poor to fair

    I am very curious, recently I saw numerous TV ads for auto nation and their 10 MILLION dollar give away "no purchase necessary" it ended about 2 weeks ago and kind of like PCH, that's the end of it... No winners are published and live goes on, like they NEVER had a sweepstake. I figured I'd comment here and see if or what BS response I'd get, before I asked elsewhere.....

  • Renee Withers Newman

    Renee Withers Newman via Google

    Overall Poor to fair

    I had no problems with this dealership until a few months ago when I took my 2012 Fit in to get services. A few weeks later while driving on the I-10 my car completely died as a result of the oil cap not being screwed back on at the dealership when the oil was changed. As a result my oil leaked out while on the highway and fried my engine. I barely had time to pull my car over on the side of the road. The dealership proceeded to replace my engine free of cost to me because they knew they had messed up. This was not the end though. On a recent trip to California I noticed a burning smell and oil leak. Further inspection revealed that once again all my oil leaked out and now there was a coolant leak as well. It's amazing I made it to California with no indicator lights going on. I then took my car to Ocean Honda in San Juan Capistrano to deal with the issues immediately as my car was not safe to drive. It was found that several gaskets on the engine were pinched as well as the coolant hose, resulting in leaks of both. Per the dealership in CA this was all due to a rushed and sloppy job when the car's engine was replaced due to Tucson Honda's original mistake. I am lucky that I was not involved in a serious accident as a result of the dealership's negligence. I am beyond horrified by the service that has been provided to me and will never utilize this dealership again.

  • Sean Posvistak

    Sean Posvistak via Google

    This place has a fantastic selection, and people patient and friendly enough to help you sort through it all. That's all you could realistically ask for past a good coffee, and they're willing to offer you that, too.

  • ibsandylane

    ibsandylane via Google

    I originally went into the dealership to buy a 2010 Honda Fit with 48,000 miles, which I found on the internet. I felt that I would be unable to afford a new one. The car I found turned out to be sold earlier that morning. I worked with Martin Fiello, and he was able to put me into a new 2015 Fit for only $20 more than the payments would be on the older one. It had been 15 years since I bought a car, and I was very impressed with Martin's honesty and willingness to meet my needs. My entire experience was above what I expected from a car dealership, and I was impressed with the customer service I received from everyone there. I am extremely happy with my new car, and highly recommend Auto Nation, and Martin Fiello.

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