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We came reviewing certain vehicles from online (accord and civic) and decided to see the details in person and compare across other manufacturers (Mazda 6 series was another car I looked at). During the 4th of July weekend my Mom and I were provided help by Pedro on the lot and offered all deals that were going on that week. He provided us a booklet to look over during our research and said to come back when we are ready to test drive the vehicle. A week later my Mom and I came back to test drive the Honda Accord so Pedro let me take out an EX model and gave me all the details about the features inside the vehicle that I didn't know about so far. After the test drive, Pedro never tried to push the sale on us or pressure us into making a quick decision. Later in the day I finally decided to purchase the Accord based on comfort, reliability, great MPG and features. Pedro provided us additional help from Dustin in the finance department on how to finance the vehicle. We were offered a great financing package and walked away completely happy. A key reason I decided on a Honda was from friends/family past experience and people I know in the auto industry who always talk about the reliability with Honda vehicles. In addition, I noticed that used Honda vehicles hold up very well on the market as they get older and the price doesn't drop as fast as other vehicle types. I can't wait to explore all of the features as I get to know my new Accord. Thank you Pedro, Dustin, Joe and the rest of the people at the dealership.

Jeff Guba

Jeff Guba via Google

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  • Judith Ramsey

    Judith Ramsey via Google

    Buying a new car is not always a pleasant experience. Because we had purchased our first Honda Fit at AutoNation Honda and knew that the service people are NEVER pushy, we returned with confidence to buy another car from them. They again did their best to be informative and considerate when answering our questions and when arriving at the agreement for us to buy the car, a 2016 Honda Fit. The sales person went over the operating systems that were different from our previous Honda. The quality of the car is excellent as was the service we experienced when purchasing it. We also purchased the maintenance package which we also had on our previous car. We know that the the service department does an excellent job maintaining the cars they service.

  • ric storts

    ric storts via Google

    Worked with Martin Fiello and Aaron Blom in AutoNation Internet sales to purchase a 2008 Honda Odyssey EXL. Starting online and ending up in the showroom, end to end our purchase did not take any time at all to complete. All the condition and technical questions I had online were answered quickly and honestly. When my wife and I showed up for the test drive and inspection we were greeted at the door and Martin was ready to show us the vehicle. The Odyssey was as expected. Martin knew the vehicle well and accompanied us on our extended test drive. The few changes still needed were included in the deal, including a 60 day warranty. We paid for the vehicle and left. Picked it up the next day as promised. Aaron, who did the online discussion, did the delivery the next day after service and cleaning were completed. Runs, drives and stops just like it should. Great vehicle at a great price.

  • Robert H

    Robert H via Google

    Overall Poor to fair

    They quoted me a price of over $2500 to fix my Honda Pilot electric seat. Seat would not go back all the way. They gave me no other options. I went to an independent mechanic and got it fixed for $500. They tried to get over $2000 extra from me. They either have a staff that is very unknowledgeable or they are just out for your money. You can decide yourself. My first and last experience at this dealership.

  • Shana Kolman

    Shana Kolman via Google

    Our beloved Odyssey finally gave up on us (blown transmission) after 11 loyal years and we opted to purchase new instead of replacing the transmission. After researching new vehicles we settled on the CRV EX-L and went about looking at dealer inventory. One quick email to AutoNation when we found model and color we wanted was answered within the hour with a stellar price that matched what research said we should pay for fair market value (well below MSRP) and after only 2 hours at the dealership to do paperwork (amazing .9% financing from Honda!) we drove away happy as can be. LOVE the new ride and LOVED the experience we had with AutoNation. This is how car buying should be. By the way, we emailed the "other guys" at the same time and have yet to get a reply. That was 4 days ago...

    Thanks guys!

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