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We were happy with the 2003 CRV that we had had for 13 years and with the service that we had from Dobbs/Autonation so we strongly favored the CRV over the competitors that we considered when it recently was time to buy new. I came well prepared, I was not trying to squeeze every penny possible but had a definite expectation of what I was willing to pay. We quickly came to an agreement on price, the vehicle that we wanted was available, the salesman, Aaron Blom, was courteous, knowledgeable, and non aggressive. All in all the experience was very pleasant and we are happy with our new vehicle.

SG Hester

SG Hester via Google

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  • Stephen Ross

    Stephen Ross via Google

    We recently purchased the 2015 CRV. We enjoyed the experience. James Frost was very helpful and his made our buying experience more convincing as to why we wanted to purchase this vehicle. My wife primarily drives this and feels very safe enjoys her new driving experience. I also get to drive this vehicle and highly recommend anybody seeking out a new vehicle!

  • Bud Snyder

    Bud Snyder via Google

    Funny thing about reviews... many folks only write them when they're dissatisfied. Satisfaction is considered the norm and not something worth commenting on. My experience with our recently delivered 2016 Pilot was beyond "satisfactory".

    When we ordered the Pilot, we were told since it was a new model and in high demand it could 6-8 weeks to come in. Our sales representative was Mike Henry, the sales manager, Joe Butler and the GM Greg Polson. All of them communicated with us several times (E-mail and phone) keeping us up to speed on the build and delivery schedule. I found them all to be very professional and friendly, particularly Mike Henry - probably the best auto salesperson I've ever encountered (ask for him if you go there).

    The car was delivered last week and Mike Henry spent nearly 2 hours going over the technical features and systems. Then, in the last week, Mike has written to me three times asking if we have any questions that need to be answered. We're very satisfied with car so far. And yes, we will have some more questions on some of the sophisticated systems that we haven't mastered yet. But at this point, I have every reason to believe that Mike will be ready and willing to assist us if we should call.

    Will Auto Nation ever have dissatisfied customers? Of course they will, and some may even write a negative review. But I'm one of the satisfied few who got treated as he hoped he would and took the time to tell you about it.

  • Doris Sherwood

    Doris Sherwood via Google

    My recent purchase at Auto Nation Honda was the most pleasant I've encountered when buying a new car. Tim Trone was very helpful and very patient. It took me about 6 weeks to actually buying the car. I drove it a few times and just kept going back. Tim was patient in the sense he didn't keep calling. he gave me time to think and decide on my own. if I ever buy another car I will definitely go back to Auto Nation Honda.

  • Carol Little

    Carol Little via Google

    I am not a customer, but someone who ran out of gas in front of the dealership. One of the sales man (Adrian) was so kind. He helped me with a ride to the gas station, and also found a gas can, so I didn't have to buy one, when I got to the gas station. I would recommend this dealership to all my friends, due to the kindness of everyone there. Adrian is one of the kindest and sweetest man I have met in a long time. Thank you so much for all the help it was appreciated 100%. God puts people in our lives for a reason.

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