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Brooke is the greatest person to work with, and is very understanding. Even though she has a high volume of customers to deal with, she will find time to work with you one on one and solve any issue. She goes above and beyond to help her customers to try and accommodate their needs as best she can. It's refreshing to have someone as helpful and understanding as she is working at JD Byrider. She will work with you to get you and keep you in a vehicle.

Jacob Wilcox

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  • Erica Whitmore

    Erica Whitmore via Google

    Overall Poor to fair

    My personal experience really wasn't worth me posting about but I am sure it will help someone out. At the end I did get me a car but the hurdles I had to cross....I came prepared I had 12 references, job verification number, and a utility bill. PROBLEM #1 although I had these references they didn't call all of them and the ones they did call they said that my references said they didn't want to be references. PROBLEM #2 the lady that was in the position to basically give me the yes or no to get my car didn't want to call to verify my job. PROBLEM #3 We just moved to an apartment and the apartment took 2 months to change the utilities to my name so I just got the bill 7/26 and I paid it 7/29 just because the bill had a past due amount on (which I paid on 7/29) the lady wanted to deny me. At that point I told her look I can go somewhere else which I had two other place lined up both places which I was approved for I just had to put $800 down at one place and $995 down at the other place and be willing to go all the way to Hot Springs. But since this one had a $500 down special and people I knew had a good experience I was like let me try them. But never again and I will not recommend them to no one at all. Even when I went to the back a person that was waiting on their oil to be changed told me that the cars looked good on the outside but are crap under the hood. I pray my car is not like that at all but I will be using their warranty to the best of my ability.

  • Sherri Ceon

    Sherri Ceon via Google

    Overall Poor to fair

    My husband is a truck driver and only home every 3 weeks. We spoke with Loretta several times in sales and explained our situation. We were told it was not a problem that I alone could come in and do all the paperwork for him. When I got there, I was treated like an inconvenience because a meeting was being held during business hours and then told that my husband had to be there. Every question was met with I don't know and never with a let me check on that for you. I had money in hand, all necessary paperwork and my husband on the phone for everything else. If you want an honest and knowledgeable sales person, go somewhere else.

  • Jermaine Smiley

    Jermaine Smiley via Google

    Overall Poor to fair

    This company lies and make up stuff to not sell to the people they don't want to help. They told me they couldn't verify my reference and job and I call all my references and they said they didn't even call them. They expect you to come up with 12 reference like most people talk to a lot of people that will put there name out there. Very disappointed in the time I wasted with this company. They also a card that was promise to me from under me and when I couldn't give them what they wanted in the time they wanted they didn't want to do business with me. I wasted nearly three weeks with this company.

  • kd21092

    kd21092 via Google

    Overall Poor to fair

    Well I'm really seating to dislike this company. I have had my car for maybe 6 months. I have had to replace headlight bulbs 2x already. In my previous car that I had for a little over 4 years I only had to replace them once and that is when I bought after market headlights. My battery has died multiple times and now I'm calling them and they won't pick up. The week I got my car my brakes started squeaking and of course that's not covered my the warranty. I went there desperate for another vehicle. I just wish I had weighed my options a bit more because I am really considering giving the car back and changing my card number because of all of this bs. Go somewhere else if you need a used car.

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