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5045 Warden Rd, North Little Rock, AR, 72116

Brooke is the greatest person to work with, and is very understanding. Even though she has a high volume of customers to deal with, she will find time to work with you one on one and solve any issue. She goes above and beyond to help her customers to try and accommodate their needs as best she can. It's refreshing to have someone as helpful and understanding as she is working at JD Byrider. She will work with you to get you and keep you in a vehicle.

Jacob Wilcox

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  • Jermaine Smiley

    Jermaine Smiley via Google

    Overall Poor to fair

    This company lies and make up stuff to not sell to the people they don't want to help. They told me they couldn't verify my reference and job and I call all my references and they said they didn't even call them. They expect you to come up with 12 reference like most people talk to a lot of people that will put there name out there. Very disappointed in the time I wasted with this company. They also a card that was promise to me from under me and when I couldn't give them what they wanted in the time they wanted they didn't want to do business with me. I wasted nearly three weeks with this company.

  • kd21092

    kd21092 via Google

    Overall Poor to fair

    Well I'm really seating to dislike this company. I have had my car for maybe 6 months. I have had to replace headlight bulbs 2x already. In my previous car that I had for a little over 4 years I only had to replace them once and that is when I bought after market headlights. My battery has died multiple times and now I'm calling them and they won't pick up. The week I got my car my brakes started squeaking and of course that's not covered my the warranty. I went there desperate for another vehicle. I just wish I had weighed my options a bit more because I am really considering giving the car back and changing my card number because of all of this bs. Go somewhere else if you need a used car.

  • Salina Wagner

    Salina Wagner via Google

    Overall Poor to fair

    This place sucks! I got my car and within a month the gaskets blew! Took them forever to fix and I had to pay the towing fees! Shortly after that the belts broke, then the transmission went out. They replaced one of my tires and when they did they cut the break line so I had NO breaks! I have had my car 1 year and 3 months and I regret it. My warranty just went out 50 miles ago and the alternator went out! I had to pay for it out of my pocket! The car has broken down 7 times! They tell me its a used car that's what it does! Not to mention my car was shaking like crazy I went to take it in I had it tested for codes and I showed them they told me oh its a 4 cylinder its suppose to do that, Please don't go there save yourself time, money, and the hassle! I'm paying $14000 for a 05 Dodge Neon! It's highway robbery! Lesson learned!

  • Roslyn Allen

    Roslyn Allen via Google

    Overall Poor to fair

    This company will go into your bank account unauthorized. If you give them your checking or debt card information they have been known to go into a clients account and withdrawn funds that were not authorized. They were told to delete the debt/credit card information each time the card was use but they went into the account and when confronted about it they offered to pay any fees associated with an overdraft. This company have you to make payments every 2 weeks on Friday, they will start calling you on this day, before the day is out! Please if you need a car and have bad credit, go across the street to DriveTime. I do not work for DriveTime but they operate a better business and have better cars and the cars are warranted. Also the cars at JD Byrider do come with a warranty, you have to provide your own towing, pay a $25.00 diagnostic fee and they DO NOT provide a loaner car.

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