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Drivetime - Columbia

178 Greystone Blvd, Columbia, SC, 29210

Angelo was so much help. He treated me with much respect and he's very understandable. I had a wonderful experience here at drive time. The next time I buy a car it will be at drive time in Columbia SC with Angelo. Thank you so much.

Zovinar Davis

Zovinar Davis via Google

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drivetime - columbia Reviews

  • Kim Macon

    Kim Macon via Google

    Overall Poor to fair

    Angelo Smith was my car salesman and he did a great job but it was after the sale that things went downhill fast.
    I bought a Jeep Patriot on June 17th, 2015 around 8pm.
    Two days later the temperature engine temperature light came on.
    The warranty facility had their max vehicles for the day so I made an apt. for the following Tuesday on the 23rd.
    On the morning of the 23rd, I got in the truck and all lights were flashing in which the book stated malfunctions. It would not go over 10 mph. I called the Columbia office and asked to be put in dependable transportation being that it wasn’t 7 days and 3 different things appeared to be wrong (temperature engine light, screeching noise and the other 3 flashing lights). I was told that I was now into my 6th day and you can only return within 5 days. (later found out it was really 5 because they do not count the day of the purchase nor Sunday because it is not a business day.)
    Towed the Jeep to Champion Automotive in which they stated it was a relearn throttlebody.
    Picked the jeep up on evening on the 24th after it was supposedly fix and asked what about the loud screeching noise when I stop. They forgot to look it.
    On the 29th after work, low and behold all lights were on again, the same identical lights.
    Towed the Jeep to Palmetto Auto Service, they determine that the issue was the throttlebody AGAIN but was covered under the dealership warranty. They also discovered that I needed front brakes and rotors.
    Keep in mind DRIVE TIME states the vehicles go through vigorous inspections!
    Now I am at my 3rd two and haven’t had the car two weeks. It is my responsibility to tow the Jeep to the dealership so that it could be fixed AGAIN.
    The stress and embarrassment this caused became to overbearing so I made the best decision for me. I towed the car to Drive Time dealership and gave them the key back.
    Spoke with the manager Reggie, he was very understanding and apologetic. He made calls to corporate asking any type of possibilities to turn this into a positive situation. He asked could they put me into another car. The answer was no. He asked could they give me my money back in good faith being that all the warranty notes told the story, the answer was no. I was there 2 hours if not more while we sat in an office on hold for 30 minutes and was told NO for everything. No compassion! I even got on the line and stated so it doesn’t matter that you inconvenienced, stressed, embarrassed me and cheated me out of my money. The lady was like a broken record- she stated sorry it is over the 5 days so we cannot refund your $1000 down payment. She said but yes "I see that you have called a few times". (In reality over 10 times). Although I walked out hurt and terribly emotional, I felt so relieved returning the lemon but very sad that this company would take someone's hard earned money with no regards to doing the right thing. I totally understand policies and procedures but when a customer goes through pure hell you make it right! I hope that my story will make others aware!

  • Delphine Shuler

    Delphine Shuler via Google

    It's was excellent I came in and talk with Brandon Weedon and he was wonderful he took his time to sit down with me and explain to me and I was able to get the car I wanted and need he give me great customer service . We need more sales associate like Brandon thank you again . Ms Shuler

  • donta stewart

    donta stewart via Google

    service was great. gave me a better deal than most places. my sales Rep Ford, great guy. definitely recommend and they offer 5 year 50000 miles powertrain warranty

  • Shanette Hines

    Shanette Hines via Google

    Brandon Weedon is very friendly and easy to talk to. This auto experience has been one of the most understanding I've ever had. I am very comfortable with the amenities that come along with my 2012 Chevy Cruze. Brandon and the team at DriveTime has made this a good day.😀😃

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