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Loren Hyundai

1620 Waukegan Rd, Glenview, IL, 60025

This review is for sales. I haven't used their service dpt. yet.

I just purchased a 2014 Hyundai Elantra from here. The entire experience, from entering the dealership to driving away was efficient and pleasant. I never felt pressured, there was no nonsense, and the pricing was fair. This is the fourth car I have purchased in my lifetime, each from different dealers, and this was the best experience out of all of them, by far.

Jim was the salesman, and I believe Tony was the financing agent. I also briefly met the used sales manager whose name I don't recall. All of them were friendly, regular people. I've never been fond of the "car salesman" personality, and none of them had it, which was refreshing and put me at ease.

The financing was also very straightforward - simple interest, none of the backwards-double-reducing whatchamacalit buisness where you wind up paying most of the interest up front.

Bill Mamer

Bill Mamer via Google

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loren hyundai Reviews

  • guinthehouse

    guinthehouse via Google

    Overall Poor to fair

    Went to go get my engine oil changed and they keep on asking me that I need both of my brakes pads replaced...went to a different local mechanic shop and they told me only 1 brake pad has to be replaced and the other one is fine. Ridiculous.

  • Denise Holtz

    Denise Holtz via Google

    Awesome Dealership! Very friendly and fair! The deal I received for my trade in and new car was fair. I love my new Hyundai! I would highly recommend this dealership!

  • Ben Dutcher

    Ben Dutcher via Google

    Overall Poor to fair

    Went in today to get my car washed and tires filled. A dealer had a weak attempt at being slick, was a very close talker with terrible smokers breath. He told me several times that I probably have a nail in my tire and it shouldn't cost much.

    The guy tried several times to get me away from my car so he could price out the tire repair. I said, it's alright ill just have them filled, I'm not leaving my car. He finally left me alone, visibly frustrated. (Just bought a sonata here in august and have been satisfied until today, would've had four stars)

  • Jennifer Cianchetti

    Jennifer Cianchetti via Google

    Always enjoy taking my car in for an oil change or anything that might pop up that needs to be fixed. I have always been greeted with a smile and prompt service. Everyone that I have come in contact with has been friendly and answered any questions that I have had. They take the time to explain what is wrong with your car and how they will fix it. I really like that on every visit they wash my car without me having to ask. The waiting room is large, very clean and they always have drinks on hand. I will be recommending Loren Hyundai to all of my friends and family.

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