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*** Fantastic service and friendly atmosphere at Loren Hyundai ***

Very nice people working there with experience over years,you get best service, price and % at Loren ONLY.I purchased my White Santa Fe 2015 2.0T with extender warranty,ultimate package, side steps etc...I went to couple dealership to get better deal, and i came back to Loren :)
The manager David and salesman Ben Bensky was very friendly and helpful throughout the whole process !!!

***** Would highly recommend the Hyundai Loren Dealership *****
*** Thanks for a great deal ***

Best Regards,

Mykola Parashchak

Mykola Parashchak via Google

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loren hyundai Reviews

  • Rocio arguelles

    Rocio arguelles via Google

    Overall Poor to fair

    worst experience! They had a sonata a decent price on their website so I scheduled a test drive, the day before i went out there I revived a reminder call to not miss my app. , the day of they called again just to make sure i was going. To drive this 2012 sonata, they even went as far as texting me about this sonata. I texted back i was on my way i drove 2hrs because i dont live in the area, my dad even took the day off because we were very serious about this car, all of this trouble and harassing only to find out that the car was sold the day before!!! 1 if the car was sold why keep blowing up my email and phone talking about this specific car? 2. Why is this car still on their website?
    so please dont wast your time they might just be advertising good deals to get people in their horrible shop.

  • Ben Dutcher

    Ben Dutcher via Google

    Overall Poor to fair

    Go somewhere else!

    I bought my sonata here in 2013. Last May (2015) a piston blew threw the engine block and the entire engine had to be replaced. Also the starter was failing and affected the entire electrical system the starter needed to replaced as well.

    They would not allow the adjuster to inspect my car when the adjuster requested. It took a month to get my car back and cost $7,500. I was shocked, the certified Hyundai Sonata required a new engine and starter less than 2 years after purchasing at Loren.

    Go somewhere else what a nightmare.

  • Amy Lee

    Amy Lee via Google

    Overall Poor to fair

    BEWARE. If you are female and wanting to buy a car, they will belittle, intimidate, and insinuate you are stupid and will try to con you into purchasing a car at WINDOW PRICE. The sales rep that I spoke with literally only 5 minutes stated word for word "If you don't plan on buying a car, then just say it now because as you can see, the managers are very busy and we are near closing time and I just don't want to go back and forth between prices if you are not a serious buyer." He also stated "You didn't do enough research and I understand you have a budget so if you decide to go to another dealership and buy from them then they are 'lucky.'" I have never felt so angered, frustrated, and absolutely humiliated within a 5 minute time frame. That sales rep has no idea he lost more than one interested customer. I will never go back there again in the near and far future.

  • Valentin Levitki

    Valentin Levitki via Google

    Overall Poor to fair

    do not buy a car here !!!!!!!!!! If you are looking for a used car, it is best to look for it elsewhere! I would not buy from them and a new car! Horrible place to buy a car, I have not seen! I had the bitter experience of buying a car in the wrong place! They sold me a car ended up with crashed and painted, although they assured me that the car is OK, and even slipped me a clean Carfax! During the transaction they will be your best friend after you leave them your money and sign the paper, more and talk to you do not want to!

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