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1620 Waukegan Rd, Glenview, IL, 60025

Polite, helpful and explained every bit of the buying process...Great place and great deals if you're looking to buy your first car. These guys are honest and dependable....They won't force an issue nor try to get you on the hook with gimmicks.

Ian Cocking

Ian Cocking via Google

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  • radu teodoru

    radu teodoru via Google

    Overall Poor to fair

    i did made a request for cancellation more than a moth ago thru the dealer that i have purchased the car.
    Today when i was trying to find out the status of my cancellation i was stupefied when i was told by the Safe-Guard that they didn't received any cancellation request, and to resend the forms and that they will try to escalate my request
    This is how they respond me

    Hi John,

    I have still not received any check . Do you have any update?


    Jul 20
    to me
    I don't work there any longer. Sorry
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    Jul 20
    to john.hemmeter
    Ok I understand that. But with who should i get in contact?
    Thank You.

    Jul 20
    to me
    Not sure whom to talk to, don't really care.

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  • dj bubu

    dj bubu via Google

    Overall Poor to fair

    Most of the five stars reviews are fake, do yourself a favor and read the lowest rated reviews first.
    My car was in service and I asked to talk to who is in charge and the person that I was talking said that the owner is not here, then I asked to talk to the manager.
    Later the same person came with a business card and he said that he is the owner.
    He was lying when he said that the owner is not here because he was the owner.
    I don't expect anything else from his staff especially when he says this in front of his staff.

  • Injun Joe

    Injun Joe via Google

    Went there on Saturday to check out new Elantra. Small dealership with just a few salesmen. Everyone was very attentive because of the size of the dealership. Made us feel welcomed. No hype, no pushiness. Everyone we talked to seemed to have a lot of experience and knew what they were talking about. They made us feel very confident in our decision making and also confident they weren't just trying to make us either buy or get out. In fact, no one forced us to make a decision that day. Because of that we came back and bought the car today. Great place, would recommend if you just want to be treat like a human being, not "buy or get out!".

  • Dan Meegan

    Dan Meegan via Google

    Best place to buy a car. quick, fast, and to the point. My 2016 Santa Fe Sport is the best. Tom McHugh, the salesperson, was very good and did not waste my time. Phil in the finance dept gave me all my options and I picked one and we were done in 20 minutes. I have been buying cars for thirty years, this is how it should be done. Thank you guys at Loren Hyundai. You have one VERY happy customer.

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