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one of the best experiences in buying a car i have ever had , Jason Dymnicki and the business office were awesome to deal with , we love the car ,thanks

Mike Tipton

Mike Tipton via Google

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  • Pok Yon Barman

    Pok Yon Barman via Google

    Overall Poor to fair

    I was disappointed that the 2-year maintenance plan for new vehicles does not include topping off fluid levels. I specifically pointed out that the coolant level was a little low (in the overflow tank) and requested if they could add a little to bring it to the full mark. It was probably down about a half inch (so I'd guess probably less than a pint). Figured that could be done as a courtesy, but I was not given any coolant. And since they supposedly did a tire rotation, it would have been nice to be reminded that you should re-torque the lug nuts after 50-100 miles because the vehicle has allow wheels. Or is that no longer a concern for alloy wheels on newer vehicles? I just checked the torque on them tonight and several lug nuts did tighten a notable amount.

  • Derek Johnson

    Derek Johnson via Google

    Overall Poor to fair

    Me and my fiance bought a 2013 ford edge they told me nothing was wrong with it when I told them I need diesel truck for work instead they came out you can get a 2013 ford edge I asked anything else they said nope so I got it week later needed a oil change and I changed it because the refused to then to find out it needs brakes I got it back 1/4 tank of had missing and washer fluid a week and a half later transmission and brakes differential injectors and the Catalytic converters I took there for brakes and they refused to give me a loner car and I came back in a week for brakes again and now transmission and Differentials Cadillac converters and injectors to be told my service contract won't covet any off it like I was told my grandmother went to talk to randy and he was being disrespectful and rude I told them I am almost certified Mechanic and that I know what I am talking about I went and talked to the sales manger about the lemon law only to be lied to and say it does not Exist They sat it on a lift for 2 hours didn't touch and said the rattling sound is the exhaust pipe because the clamp was lose and I told them last time I checked a exhaust clamp did not sound like lifters after leaving 3 days later in lead on a steep hill the car stop moving and no more brakes or electronics i couldnt move it it finally went up and died a started running again but with no brakes and it said services awd service brakes and the it started flashing and pulling up codes bogging out and brakes when it felt like it. It all started with needing a aliment 39 days later this and on top of it I called the bank give them my information to be told invalid information and this account doesn't exist they are charging me 600 a month for the next 72 months for this car that I was told was 19,500 turns out to be 45,000 I put 250 out of my pocket to make it run again I'm not told anything and if I am it's lies when I pulled up the car fax 29 problems came up that they did not notify me of and the 2 safey recalls on top of being sent to ford when I bought my vehicle from and was told they would fix it but I get sent to ford every time to be charged 100 dollars to have a computer plugged and every time they said they had a loner ready they had none my fiance lost her job because of them I would rather buy a car of craigslist that I have no clue of what's wrong with it then go to granite and be lied to I'm debating on going to a junkyard and buying a old truck one issue can mean 3 things instead of 20 30 other things this is the worst service I have had ever buying car my best experience was wheel city motors my blazer drove and road better and got a round with out get stuck

  • ericas encinas

    ericas encinas via Google

    Overall Poor to fair

    I bought a vehicle from Granite November 13th, 2015. Today, 24 days later, my vehicle broke down completely on me and my daughter while I was getting her from school. It seems like the transmission is shot on the vehicle. I was stranded on the side of the road and I gave granite a call and no one bothered to ever call me back. I still owe them $5,000 for the car that does not run. It will cost me over $600 to fix my "new" car. The experience I had with granite (while they were taking my money) was great. But after they got their money and sold me a lemon. They even claim they did the diagnostic test on the car when I bought it. Therefore, they knew this car would only go a hand full of miles before it broke down. I haven't taken this car on the highway yet (thank goodness). The customer service has disappeared. I DO NOT RECOMMEND Granite to anyone who wants a trust worthy car to commute their children around in the winter time.

  • Gina Konechne

    Gina Konechne via Google

    We had a great experience thanks to Brady Riddle. No matter where you go, you're still buying a car...but Brady stands out above other salesmen and brings a more relaxed element of honest service to the process. He was informative and eager to help without being pushy, and supported us at our own pace so that we didn't feel rushed into a decision. He stayed late more than once, watched our young kids while we took another test drive (our 3 year old loved him!), and in the end we walked away happy with our car, our price, and the whole experience. A month later, I'm still loving my Nissan and have no buyer's remorse because I am confident that I was treated fairly and valued as a customer for life instead of just for a sale. Best car-buying experience we have had thanks to Brady.

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