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Schaller Subaru

34 Frontage Rd, Berlin, CT, 06037

Current used car listings include Subaru Outback, Honda Accord, Subaru Legacy, Honda Civic, Honda CR-V, Subaru Forester and other models from Honda, Subaru, Chevrolet.

We have just purchased a Forester from Schaller Subaru. Our experience, start to finish, with the folks at Schaller was the best possible. We were so impressed with Mark Eddy, our sales person. He was very professional and informed. He listened to us carefully, and guided us well, without ever pushing his own agenda. Also, we were very pleased with the financial terms. They really worked to find the best possible deal for us. Derek Samartini, who stepped us through the financial process and paper work, was certainly professional, informed, and efficient. We were sort of dreading our car search, as we usually do, but we need not dread again. From now on, we will always do business with Schaller. Thank you very much Mark and Derek, and your colleagues for your fine work with us. Our son is planning to purchase a car soon, and he intends to come to Schaller based on our good experience. All the best, Richard and Elaine Silbereis

elaine silbereis

elaine silbereis via Google

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schaller subaru Reviews

  • MaryBeth DelGaudio

    MaryBeth DelGaudio via Google

    I wanted to take a few minutes and share my experience with Schaller Subaru. From the moment I walked in the showroom to look at cars to the delivery of my new car I received excellent information and care. I keep my cars a long time so I have not had to purchase a car in a very long time. With that said, I had done my research and decided the Impreza Hatchback would suit my lifestyle and I loved the look of it. Matt Camp assisted me from the beginning and shared his knowledge of the car, which was wonderful. He really knows his "stuff" and I felt very comfortable asking questions and getting real answers. I went back a couple of times for test drives and I never felt any pressure to hurry my decision. Once I finally made my decision to purchase a 2014 Impreza and chose the dark metallic gray with a moon-roof, Matt had to find the car elsewhere and I had it in a couple of days. Pick up and delivery was great, Matt went over everything in the car and set up my Bluetooth and showed me all the "bells and whistles" that were new to me coming from an older car. I love my new car and I would highly recommend Schaller Subaru to anyone interested in purchasing a Subaru and ask for Matt, he will definitely help you out.

  • Trevin Price

    Trevin Price via Google

    I had a lot of car issues with my Acura TL, not to mention that the thing is a terrible experience in the snow and I was getting stuck while attempting to drive up hills. So, I decided I'd take a stroll into Subaru in Berlin to see if I had any trade in options. I met with Matt Carcio to discuss my plans to trade the car in and maybe get into the Subaru Crosstrek XV. I saw a few around town and in the parking lot at work and was able to ask one of the owners how he liked the car. All he could do was rave about the car and the ability to drive in the snow and in rough driving conditions. The look of the car sold me as well so I was determined to purchase a Crosstrek as my first new car. Matt and another salesman looked at my Acura and gave me a quote of what they'd take it off of my hands for. After that, they worked some numbers around and were able to get me a respectable price on the Crosstrek. The process was extremely easy and Matt constantly contacted me to give me updates on how the process was going. The particular Crosstrek that I had in mind (Premium white) was not in stock, so they had it sent over from another dealer. The day I went to pick the car up was very quick and efficient. Matt went over the entire car, walked me through how to set up my phone, all of the options, and all of my maintenence concerns. Lisa Samenfink made the paperwork and financial process extremely easy to the point where all I had to do was read and sign. All of the documentation was prefilled so that there was no need to painstakingly fill out every form. She was very organized and had already calculated the changes to my monthly payment based on the different warranty and gap insurance packages that were offered. In all I was extremely pleased with my visit to Schaller Subaru in Berlin, and even when Matt was busy with something, other salespeople frequently checked on me to see if I was all set. I walked in looking for information and walked out with a brand new 2014 XV Crosstrek!

  • Chuck Luscomb

    Chuck Luscomb via Google

    First, we hate shopping for cars. We own them for a long time when we do find the one we like. Found the Outback we wanted on their website, called to confirm that it was still available which it was, made an offer, they accepted, went into pick it up. Took about two hours from start to finish from test drive, paperwork, walk through of the car and tour of the dealership by the salesman. About as painless as any car purchase has ever been. Could not have been a better. Thanks to everyone at Schaller for their professional approach to the whole process.

  • Craig Frederick

    Craig Frederick via Google

    I can only say, WOW. Everyone at Schaller Subaru, especially our sales person Ed Bonczek, was exceptional! Very professional, personable, efficient, accommodating, friendly, and attentive to all of our questions and concerns. Ed handled all of my texts better than my own family and friends. I very rarely do online reviews, and am very cautious not to brag on a business or person unless they absolutely deserve it, and these folks do. They and their product (we bought a 2014 Forester 2.5i Premium) are remarkable. I am a professional artist and professor with a high expectation for design both functional and form. Our new Forester ranks as high as I can imagine any car ranking. We are now and forever loyal Subaru and Schaller Subaru customers. Ask for Ed! Great guy!

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