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We were never asked if we wanted VIN etching done on our used car. Once we got home after signing the financing paperwork, we realized we were charged $199 for the etching and it was factored into our loan. Just for hahas, we checked the car. It wasn't even done. Icalled on 7/29 to have this corrected. The document processor, Kevin, told me he would take it out of the loan and resubmit it. In the meantime, we had to come back and drop the car off to have a second key made (why this wasn't done in the week they had it prior to pickup is beyond me). Upon drop off, we inquired with Kevin about the status of the VIN etch charge. Mind you, this is 2 weeks later... And he tells us he couldn't take it out of the loan. It sure would have been nice if we were called and told that. I stated that now that it's in the loan, it's costing us about $75 more due to the financing charges and tax and we would like a refund for that amount. He seemed a bit annoyed by that request and said he'd get back to me after speaking to a general manager. Never heard from him. In 2 days I had an appointment to pick up the car after the key was made and they looked at the brakes due to fairly bad shaking. I came as I was supposed to and the car was not ready. They did nothing. No one called to tell me that I shouldn't waste my time going all the way there. I then made another appointment to pick up the car in another 2 days. Finally my salesperson Dave actually called me to tell me the car was ready. I asked if the check was ready for me to pick up as well. Of course it was not because the general manager was out and it needed his approval. This is now 14 days since I reported the error. I said that I am not coming back until EVERYTHING is done, including the check. Dave said he would have someone call me back. No one did. 4 days later on the Monday that the manager was said to return I called in the early afternoon because no one had still contacted me. I was finally told it was ready so I got the car and check that afternoon.

This is the short version which doesn't include several voicemails and calls with no response and having to make a separate trip there to sign paperwork forgotten about. Also, it only took me about 10 minutes to find someone else they had "erroneously" been charged for etching. Only go here if you like being charged for things you don't recieve, love long wait times to see cars, and hate getting a call back.

Paula Rodgers

Paula Rodgers via Google

Overall Poor to fair
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schaller subaru Reviews

  • Joseph Santaniello

    Joseph Santaniello via Google

    Overall Poor to fair

    Great service today and I showed up 2 days early. They changed my oil,did my regular service and was still able to replace two of my tires. All with a smile. Great job Schaller!!!

  • Brian Isacson

    Brian Isacson via Google

    Overall Poor to fair

    Awesome service department, the best experience ever. So glad you brought Service Manager Gary Clark on board. Thanks

  • Eric Costanzo

    Eric Costanzo via Google

    Overall Poor to fair

    These guys are crooks! they say one thing to suck you in and then when it's all most done they change their story and now they need more money down and now it's going to be a higher interest-rate. avoid this place at all costs !!!!! Trust me on this. I shopped around don't even bother going to this place!!! Any good reviews you read are from people who work there, friends of people who work there or by somebody too stupid to realize that they were being taken advantage of. Now they are giving me a hard time about refunding my deposit!!

  • Tim Durocher

    Tim Durocher via Google

    Overall Poor to fair

    I normally had good service here. However the last trip to get new tires was horrible. I came in for a 10:30 am appointment. It was at 1:00 pm before they gave me a price and told me it would take an hour more. I waited one hour and 15 minutes and went to the desk to ask they told me it would be 45 minutes more. 70 minutes later still not done. I hope that in time the dealer can make things up on future visits. As I said the normally give good service.

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