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Top Five Midsize Cars of 2017

top midsize cars of 2017

Sedans and mid-size vehicles are one of the most commonly purchased vehicles, particularly by families and suburban households. Mid-sized cars are ideal for commuting, road trips and transporting kids. No other car type matches the combination of fuel economy, comfort and performance across the board as well as mid-sized cars do. Whatever your auto needs may be, in the realm of mid-sized cars, consumers have lots of options to choose from, below are five of the best and most reliable mid-sized cars money can buy.


Honda Accord

honda accord 2017

Honda Accords have a longstanding record of being one of the best-selling cars in the nation, the car’s reputation has made buying one an easy choice for buyers seeking a reliable yet affordable car. The Accord has a strong resale value and the little things such as quality door handles, parking release buttons and moving parts reflect that quality. The Accord, as it always has, steers, stops and accelerates responsively enough to have earned best buy awards. Those who don’t mind paying extra for additional features can have all the bonus amenities such as GPS and the like while standard versions come with quality stereos and USB ports and such. The Accord also is a very safe car and its safety ratings are high.


Volkswagen Passat


Volkswagen Passat 2017

The Passat by Volkswagen is a superb family car. In appearance, the car has not evolved much of late however safety and infotainment technologies have markedly improved. The Passat’s V6 and turbocharged 4 cylinder are fun while overall the car is roomy and a nice alternative to more commonly purchased Sedans and mid-size cars. The Passat has a “Top Safety Pick” crash test rating while the reliability is merely average, nevertheless a solid mid-size choice.


Ford Fusion


Ford Fusion 2017

The Ford Fusion is a relatively new car model that is stylish and has aged well with the times. The Ford Fusion is very affordable and some buyers may be enticed by rebate cash offers as well as a high fuel economy and hybrid versions. The stylish design is complemented by a sophisticated interior while the turbo and hybrid options offer a good selection, the low-price tag and good gas mileage make the Fusion a very good value.


Kia Optima


Kia Optima 2017

The newest Kia Optima is a very attractive car and a very solid choice of the mid-sized cars. The LX model is inexpensive and a more expensive and luxuriously outfitted version that has a panoramic glass roof, diamond-quilted premium leather and lots more is also available for purchase. The turbocharged engine makes the car more enjoyable to operate while the road assistance and warranty are among the best you can get. The value is excellent, money spent shows in comfort and style and with all the latest safety technology.


Hyundai Sonata


Hyundai Sonata

Arguably the very best mid-sized car of the year, the Hyundai Sonata is less stylish than models prior to 2015, however appearances aside this family sedan is near perfect. The engineering is spot on, the Sonata is capable of everything and anything a mid-size car can do and is available in hybrid versions. The warranty is better than the rest while the roadside assistance program can’t be beat either. If looks aren’t important than the Sonata might be the best mid-size choice.

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