Top Tips For Selling Your Car

Pricing Your Car

Pricing is the most important factor. Pricing too high may result in no calls and loss of time. Price needs to be slightly higher than what you expect, because people are going to try to negotiate, even if you list it for half price.

Know Your Competition

Imagine you are looking to buy the same car. Check out all similar cars for sale by owner within 50 miles radius. Search multiple classifieds where you can find car sale by owner section like craigslist, oodle and local newspaper. Is your car's price competitive to those? It doesn't have to be the lowest price, because ever y used car has a different condition, exteriors etc...

Do you still have a car loan?

If your loan is not fully paid off, you can still sell your car. Bank has the car title and sends it to you when you pay the full amount for the loan. Contact the lender to find out the pay-off amount. Write a bill of sale for the buyer and a copy for yourself. When you get payment from the buyer, deposit the funds, and send a check to the lender. When you receive the title, contact the buyer and transfer the title to the buyer.

Sell Car Online

List your car on multiple websites. Don't rely on just one source to sell your car. Ask your friends on facebook or other social media if anyone interested to buy a car. NEVER BUY OR SELL CAR LONG-DISTANCE. ALL OF THEM ARE SCAMS!

Make Your Car Shine

One of the most important aspects when you are selling a car is how it looks. Wash your car with soap. People love to look at the engine, so make sure it's clean. Vacuum and wipe down the interior. It may be a good idea to spray your tires for gloss effect. Don't forget the first impression counts.

Bill of Sale

You can find 'Bill of sale' easily by googling it. There are several websites which can print a Bill of Sale after you provide some information. Make sure you print 2 copies of a Bill of Sale and get it signed by your buyer

Remove your license plate(s)

Don't leave your license plates on the car! You could be liable for traffic tickets, etc... How is the buyer going to drive away? One of the options is to drive with the buyer to his/her location and then remove the plates. Also you need to notify the Department of Motor Vehicles that the car has been sold.

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