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Interesting Car Facts

Interesting Car Facts
Did you know that cars were first invented in late 1700’s? In 1769 a steam engine car engine was produced and in 1807 a man by the name of Francois Isaac de Rivaz created the design for a combustion engine that runs on gas. Continue Reading »

A Quick Guide to Comparing MPG

When buying a car, you have to evaluate a lot of factors to make sure you're getting the best deal possible. Sure it should have anti-lock brakes and power steering and all the other features you want. But one thing you may really want to consider is the MPG or miles per gallon. Continue Reading »

Do You Need an Extended Warranty on Your Car?

So you've decided to buy a car. Excellent! It can be a really exciting time because owning a new car can give you financial freedom as well as literal, physical freedom on the open road. But just because you shook the dealer's hand doesn't mean the deal is done. You still have to go over the finer details of the contract and decide if you want to add a bunch of extras or not. Continue Reading »

Avoid Getting Pulled Over in 3 Simple Steps

The last thing you want to have to deal with on any given day is being pulled over by the cops because of a traffic violation. And while the reasoning used to pull you over can feel random at times, there is usually a very good reason. More often than not, it has to do with your behavior on the road. Continue Reading »

Getting the Best Deal on Car Insurance

When you buy a new or used car, one thing you need to factor into the cost is how much you'll need to spend on insurance. You see, how much you pay in car insurance is essentially like adding on an additional fee to your car payments. Several factors go into determining the cost of your insurance plan. Continue Reading »

Crash Avoidance Tech: Does It Work?

Other than drunk driving, there's nothing more dangerous than driving while sleepy. Nodding off behind the wheel puts you in a prime position for causing an accident. While you might frown in disgust at people who drive while drowsy, many people do it every day. Increasingly busy schedules and complicated lifestyles make it difficult to make arrangements to do anything other than drive home, even if you're sleepy. Continue Reading »

Keeping it Safe this Winter-Driving on Snow and Ice

While some states haven’t seen much of a winter this season, the fact remains that some states like Boston have been the home for plenty of snow. How do you drive safely when the snow is coming down in buckets and the roads are slick with ice? The first tip would be this: perhaps you should stay inside when you see a mess like that. If you must drive in all that Boston snow maybe you should wait for the road crew to do their magic with snow plows and sand or salt. If you decide to drive in hazardous conditions it might be a smart idea to wait on the road crew to make the roads safer. Battling the Boston snow and ice can be tricky and it’s certainly no fun, but if you must weather the storm to try and get to work here are a few things to remember. Continue Reading »