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What’s the “Best Deal Score?”

The “Best Deal Score” is a number displayed on our listings to help users determine the quality of a deal for any vehicle. With its own unique “Best Deal Score” number, each listing helps Best Car Finder users acquire the best deal possible in a simple and easy to use method.


  • Easily compare and contrast pricing between vehicles

  • Discover how your deal scores in relation to the current market value for your desired vehicle

  • Know how to price your vehicle to attract the maximum number of buyers.

  • Easy-to-use price comparison that generates automatically.

Good Deal
  • No additional resources, books, or websites needed.

  • Time efficient and incredibly simple

  • Added power when negotiating with car dealerships & brokers.

  • Free.

What Does Your Best Deal Score Number Mean?

Generated from Best Car Finder’s proprietary algorithm, “Best Deal Score” numbers are based on a 1 to 100 scale to help users determine whether they’re receiving a good deal on their future automotive purchase. Using our exclusive formula, the “Best Deal Score” rates a vehicle’s price on a scale of 1 to 100. The higher the score, the better the deal.

Best Deal
Scores greater than or equal to 80 Priced significantly below the average market value for the related vehicle.
Great Deal
Scores less than 80 & greater than or equal to 60 Priced below average market value for the related vehicle.
Good Deal
Scores less than 60 & greater than or equal to 40 Within average market value.
Fair Deal
Scores less than 40 & greater than or equal to 20 Priced higher than the average market value for the related vehicle.
Poor Deal
Scores less than 20 Priced significantly above the average market value for the related vehicle.

How Is The Best Deal Score Calculated?

Traditionally, analyzing vehicle pricing has proven stressful for nearly all prospective car buyers. From checking the price of other vehicles to consulting with automotive pricing software - deciding whether you’re getting a good deal or not can be very tricky. That’s why Best Car Finder created the “Best Deal Score,” an algorithm that generates a score based on analytical elements that factor into the car buying process. Each “Best Deal Score” is individually calculated based on a variety of factors set forth by Best Car Finder’s team of automotive pricing experts. Our algorithm takes into account factors such as: current market value, other recently sold listings & prices, vehicle availability, specification, number of vehicles currently on the market, and more. With Artificial Intelligence, the “Best Deal Score” updates automatically based on current market conditions, how long other vehicles have been on the market, and a number of other analytical factors essential in determining vehicle pricing.

Why do some listings not display a Best Deal Score?

While most vehicles on Best Car Finder receive a “Best Deal Score” almost immediately, some may require additional data in order to properly calculate a score. In these instances, we will not display the “Best Deal Score” until the relevant data is collected.