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What is Ideal Private Party Value?

If you plan to sell your car fast, you should price it at the lowest estimate range, and if you are not in hurry you can price it at the higher estimated range. Be ready to negotiate the price with a potential buyer.

In case of you are looking to buy a car from private seller, the lowest estimate price is the ideal target.

What is Trade-in Value?

The Trade-in value of a car is the amount of money that a car dealership will give you for your old car when you buy used or new vehicle with them. This value is usually bellow the BestCarFinder Estimate range.

About Our BestCarFinder Car Value Estimator

Whether you're considering buying a car or selling your used car, finding a car's value is an important step. BestCarFinder Estimator weigh multiple factors in order to give you an accurate estimate of a used car's value. We analyze millions of active and recently sold car listings to find the current market value of a vehicle.