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Car Selling Tips

Are you Attached to your Old Car?

We are creatures of habit-we like to hold on to things like babies hold on to their pacifiers. We are collectors of treasures and we enjoy placing prized items on our selves and in our garages. Some people spend more money on collectibles than any other item they own. Perhaps this doesn’t accurately describe you, but what about that old car you’ve been driving for nearly a decade? Everyone has a story about their favorite old car and your story is as different as you are which makes it unique in its own right. What are your reasons for holding on to your old car? Continue Reading »

Car Confidence

People are increasingly aware of the importance of presentation. It’s why you dress up in a suit and try to smell nice when you go on a job interview. It’s why you pay extra at a Japanese restaurant, so you can gaze at the little ginger flowers and perfectly-stacked multicolored morsels on your plate before scarfing them down. Continue Reading »

Has Your Car Been Around?

When you’re buying a used car, what you see is not always what you get. The vehicle may look beautiful and clean, and it might purr nicely during a short test drive. How do you know the power steering pump isn’t about to break? What assurance do you have that the transmission has only a few hundred miles left in it? Continue Reading »

Sell Your Car and Get That Money

Selling your car can get you thousands more in cash than the trade-in value. But how can you make that sale, without being taken for a ride?

If you are thinking of selling your car, you may be wondering:

where to advertise,
how to show the car,
what must be done to ensure a fair price,
how to fill out and hand over the paperwork. Continue Reading »

Dreaming in Pink

Is a pink or otherwise non-traditionally painted car hard to sell? On average, yes.

Does that mean you can’t sell it for a great price? You may be surprised at the answer.

If you’re selling a pink car, you’re not looking for the average buyer. You want the ONE buyer who will love your car enough to trade their hard-earned cash for it. Continue Reading »