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Apple Exploring Car Design by 2020

Computer giant Apple Inc., has until now has been secretly working on producing an electric vehicle. The company hopes to have produced the vehicle by 2020 and to have begun sales of the vehicle by 2021.


What is the Timeframe?

Generally auto makers spend five or more years developing a vehicle so the 2020 goal may end up being pushed back. Also, Tesla Motors and General Motors are expected to be among the competing producers of electric vehicles and may have an impact on development and sales. Telsa and General motors both are aiming to create an electric Vehicle that can travel 200 miles per charge and at a cost less than 40K.
Tesla may have a hard time matching the efforts of General Motors however Apple has all the resources necessary to rival or better GM. Just in the past quarter Apple netted $18 billion while yearly only $6.04 billion is needed for development and research costs.
While Apple does not produce cars, the company’s history shows that it can jump into the mix of new technologies and gadgets quickly and successfully. Apple did not invent the smartphone or digital music but the computer giant was quickly able to enter the market by introducing new and refined devices in individual product categories. Apple also has what other companies do not, -name recognition.

Project Titan

Apple is evidently intent on making car production happen, it has added employees from market rival Tesla as well as executives and employees from industry giants Ford, Fiat and Mercedes. Apple’s efforts have gained the team project title “Project Titan,” the team is currently made up of roughly 600 people. Project Titan is reportedly operating under another company, Sixty Eight Research of California. The company has also purchased real state in the Sunnyvale area and is reportedly ideal for auto production. The 2020 goal may be pushed back at least one year as the project’s leader Steve Zadesky has part ways with Apple.

Rumor has it that hundreds of Apple’s employees were already working on an electric car but now the project’s goal has become the development of self-car driving software instead of just an electric car. What we know already is that Apple has attained a testing permit by the DMV and shelved its physical car project temporarily while an Autonomous driver less system is in the works iOS and deep integration can be expected and are certain to be included in the initial design of any Apple Car or driving system. An electric car is likely but not certain, just yet. The computer and technology giant more likely will put out a self-driving car and recent reports have indicated that the Apple car will be an eco-friendly self-driving car initially before being turned into an all electrical model. Just last week Apple gained permission to test self-driving cars on California roads while also the company has initiated a self-driving car driver training program specifically for the purpose of adequately testing new technologies.

One thing for certain is that the Apple car, no matter what type it turns out to be, will be at least a little higher priced than the average price of similar cars. Apple will likely match the features and technology of the competition while also introducing new technological features and pulling out all the stops.

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