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How to Get the Most Bang for your Buck

The average American spends at least 2 and ½ hours a day in his car. Unless you’re a teenager, in which case you probably spend at lease 4-5 hours a day in your car!  While that may not seem like much time, it’s enough time that warrants a little entertainment. While having a car stereo or a DVD player won’t help the performance of your car, it will sure make your ride more pleasurable while traveling to work or the grocery store. What you want installed in your car is a personal journey. What type of car entertainment system all depends on your taste. Do you want a stereo that plays loud music or do you want to go for the more obnoxious sound that will make everyone hold their ears every time you ride by?

Whatever you decide to purchase you don’t need to spend a fortune. You can reach a happy medium when choosing your car stereo system. Begin with picking your head unit.  Look for a Pioneer MP3 player like the Pioneer DEH Mp6300.  This isn’t too costly and these head units will enable you to fine tune your bass, treble, subwoofer output, and equalizer adjustment. These head units are extremely important when looking for a decent audio system. Next you’ll need a component system like the Infinity Kappa series. This will give you the sound you’re looking for and it won’t be too hard to install. Then you’ll want to move on to your amplifier. A good quality amplifier is a Rockford Fosgate 50X4 with more than 75 watts per channel. You won’t want to turn up the amps too high on this amp, keeping it at 50% will save your system.

If you’re looking to impress with a loud system then you’re going to want some subwoofers. Infinity Kappa also makes some great 12” subwoofers. While these subwoofers are priced at mid range, you’ll still get the best bang for your buck with quality subwoofers. Make sure you bridge your amplifier to double your power and to avoid putting too much strain on your amp. If you turn the power on above 50% you may blow your woofers, so take it easy and keep the amp at 50%.

You’re almost done-now all you need is a wiring kit. If you want a dual wiring kit with gold plated terminals you can acquire one for just under $200.00. Remember the better the quality-the better your system will sound. So here’s the 411 on all you need for the best car audio system you can purchase- all for just under $1500.00. A little boom boom is all you need to get the parry started!


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