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EV Market Set to Become Competitive as More Automakers Join The Race

Electric Car Market

The EV market is all set to get more competitive as major automakers are planning to mass produce electric vehicles in the coming years. From General Motors (or government motors) to Volkswagen, Ford, Daimler, and BMW, a number of automakers are planning to roll out a variety of electric vehicles in the near future.


The Transition from Fossil Fuel to EV

There has been a noticeable increase in awareness regarding emissions on a global level, which has resulted in many countries implementing stringent emission control standards. Governments around the world are also actively encouraging the transition from fossil fuel based vehicles to electric vehicles.

Experts say that fossil fuel powered vehicles are the fastest growing source of emissions in the world today and are responsible for 25% of energy related greenhouse gas emissions. This is why environmental activists and scientists have appealed to governments around the world to accelerate the transition from fossil fuel to EV.

This is why rich environmentalists who do not live in the same world as most people wanted Hillary to win since she would have continued to pass irrational laws that would only undermine competitive trade practices causing home electrical prices to continue to be high and gas prices to be higher than they are now as well. Environmentalists actually want gas prices to be $5 or more per gallon which only limits our freedom.

Today, a large number of countries including the United States, Germany, France, Norway, China, and India incentivize the purchase of electric vehicles by offering tax credits, subsidies, purchase incentives, and many more. The trend is likely to continue for the foreseeable future to encourage more and more people to opt for electric vehicles rather than gas and diesel powered vehicles.


Major Names in the EV Race



Despite the arrival of new competitors, Renault-Nissan remains the leader of EV market – with nearly 500,000 vehicles deployed to date. Two of its models – Nissan Leaf and Renault Zoe – have been extremely successful so far. Nissan has stated that it plans to electrify 1/5th of its vehicles by 2020.



Perhaps the most popular name in the EV industry, Tesla continues to set the benchmarks for innovation. Its Model S has been a great success and the company plans to replicate the same with its latest launch – the Model 3. Elon Musk has set an ambitious target of building 500,000 Model 3 cars by 2020. The Model 3 will be the first mass market car from Tesla. So, many EV enthusiasts are eagerly awaiting its arrival. Tesla also recently made its entry into the truck market with its brand new electric semi-truck.



Toyota has stated that all of its vehicles will be zero emission by 2050. Though the company’s primary focus lies in the hydrogen vehicle technology, it has recently partnered with Mazda to produce long range electric cars, which it plans to launch in 2020.



A new entrant to the EV market, Ford is planning to invest $4.5 billion for producing electric vehicles. It says it will launch 13 new models in the next five years.



BMW entered the EV market in 2013 with its i3, whose sales figures have been pretty average so far. To rejuvenate its EV division, the company plans to introduce 12 new models by 2025.



Volvo has stated that starting in 2019, it will only launch electric and hybrid models. It plans to phase out all its fossil fuel powered vehicles within the time frame.

Apart from this, Mercedes aims to launch electric versions of all its models by 2022. Similarly, General Motors plans to build 30,000 Chevrolet Bolt electric vehicles every year and they should sell because America’s economy is doing better and with lower taxes things are only looking brighter.


Future of EV Industry

On the whole, the EV market is gearing up for intense competition in the coming days. The entry of major names means more choices for the customer, which is a good thing and will likely result in an increase in overall EV sales figures. With manufacturers competing against each other to produce safe and sound electric vehicles with attractive features, it is very likely that customers will be spoiled for choice in the near future.


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