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How About those Soaring Gas Prices in Philly?

If you take a look around, there’s no doubt that gas prices continue to soar.  Experts agree that January is usually the month where gasoline is lower. But the year 2012 has shown different results-the price of fuel continues to rise and it is predicted that by the time Memorial Day arrives, gasoline prices will have jumped to $4.00 a gallon- with Pennsylvania being the first state to top that price! Philadelphia happens to be located in Pennsylvania so that means Philly will feel the burn of gasoline prices this spring. 

Why are gas prices so high? The answer to this question is quite simple: the tension between America and Iran is so thick it could snap a 12 inch thick rubber band; thus you have enormous rise in fuel prices. Now let’s add the three Northeast refineries that are closing their doors during the next few months and you have seasonal demand and high gasoline prices. By the time summer enters the picture Philadelphia and other cities located in Pennsylvania could see gasoline prices soar higher than $4.00 a gallon. Yes folks it is clear that our nation is still in a recession and with soaring fuel prices where does it end? While the American public struggles to out food on the table and pay their mortgage (those that haven’t lost their homes), there doesn’t seem to be any light at the end of the tunnel with gas prices on the rise. Most people are resorting to driving used cars in Philadelphia because car payments are too high. Now with the increase of fuel Americans will continue to struggle in a recession that is lingering around longer than we’ve hoped for.

Experts agree that is probably going to get worse before it gets any better. What can we hope for in such a tough economy? If the gas prices continue to increase, then the cost of food will continue to rise. It’s a no-win situation with high gas prices because it affects so many other areas such as food, jobs, and the American family as a whole. While folks have saved money driving used cars, what good will it do if they can’t afford to fill up gas tanks? The expenses of living are enough to put a choke hold on anyone. Add the high gas prices and you just might lose your breath from breathing in the high priced gas fumes. No one wins during a recession except for the rich who continue to get richer while we sit on the sidelines sweating it out. Living in Philly can be expensive, but if you have a used car at least you won’t have to worry about the repo man. Your only worries now are; can you afford to keep your ride pumped with petrol even if the prices continue to jump off the board?


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