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Most Popular Sedans

The top-ten list of most popular used sedans to buy is dominated by Honda Accords and Toyota Camrys.  Number one is the Toyota Camry 2007, and the rest of the list is filled out by Accords and Camrys of various vintages ranging from 2000 to 2009.  The only exception is the Nissan Altima 2005, listed quite high at #3.  According to Consumer Reports, Hondas and Toyotas rank among the most reliable cars in the world.  Apparently, reliability is paramount among most used-car buyers.

Edmunds.com rates the Nissan Altima 2005 as fairly reliable, giving it four out of five stars for overall reliability.  At a TMV (or True Market Value) of  $7,185, it also has the low price tag that many people in this down economy are seeking.  The 2005 Altima boasts a boosted engine in its 250 horsepower V6, as well as plenty of room and comfort for four adults and their luggage.

The Toyota Camry 2007, which reigns as the most sought-after used car, offers plenty of comfort as well as reliability.  The cabin is roomy, and the V6 engine assures plenty of power for the driver.  At only $11,043 TMV, it seems like a great deal.

As far as more upscale models, the Acura 2005-2007 RL cars currently rank at the top of the list.  One reason they are so popular is that many desirable features came standard on these models.  Bose speakers, navigation system, and swiveling headlights to help the driver see around corners are just a few of the details that were included in the base price.  Inexplicably, these models were not very popular as new cars.  This means that you can get used ones at a great price since dealers are trying to sell off the leftovers.

Halfway down the list of used upscale sedans, you’ll find the BMW 328i 2007-2010.  According to Vehix.com, significant differences between these BMW models of varying years are few to none,  so any one in the 2007-2010 range is a good bet.  Especially since it can be found for under $30,000.  These 328i’s have all the superior handling and road-hugging qualities we’ve come to expect from BMWs, as well as the roomy plush interior and unbeatable style.


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