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Simple Tips to Make Merging Easier

Most people who have been driving for some length of time think they have a handle on how to manage themselves on the road. However, this is not always the case. In fact, some people have been driving under false assumptions. One of these assumptions is that you should merge into the lane you want to be in as early as possible.

Oftentimes, the right-hand lane will be very slow leading up to turn or a freeway onramp. Still, people like to get into that lane right away so they’re not scrambling right before they need to make a turn or get onto a new freeway. When it comes to merging, one thing in particular seems to annoy people more than anything else: those that wait until the last minute to get into the lane they want to be in. Because they’re moving at the last minute, they cut off the people behind them and are usually zooming alongside cars that have waited patiently in the right-hand lane for a mile or so. 

These people that merge the last minute are going to most people. However, there’s evidence that last minute merging is actually a good way to go about things. While you can definitely think of those that wait their turn and take the slow and easy approach to driving, there’s actually nothing wrong with being a late merger. In fact, merging later may actually be a better way to utilize the road than if you just took it slow and steady. 

You see, only so many cars will fit on a highway at once. So, if everyone is driving slowly, that means fewer cars will fit. If people pick up the pace and merge quickly, more cars will fit. Now, that doesn’t mean you should make super fast lane changes or be aggressive. Doing so is a good way to cause an accident. You definitely don’t want to be reckless. 

If neither method of merging seems appealing to you, there is a solution. You can ride along in the left hand lane for a while with your turn signal on. This means you’re willing to merge early and are showing that you’re courteous. More often than not, people will let you in. You might need to wait a little bit to find an opening, but people will usually slow a bit to let you in. And, it’s likely you won’t make anyone mad in the process. The road is for everyone, after all, so it’s best you do what you can to be courteous and respectful. 


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