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Using eBay to Sell a Car

When most people think about selling a car, they utilize typical resources like newspapers or classified ads. Online venues for this exist as well. However, many don’t think about using a site like eBay. Yes, it is an auction site, but it can be a great way to promote your car and sell it quickly and easily. 

That being said, selling a car on eBay is not without risks. For instance, you need to be very sure that buyers are actually interested. You also need to ensure your own safety when someone comes by to check out your vehicle. But we’ll get to more on that in a minute. 

A big potential hurdle you’ll need to get over is if you have no seller history on eBay. This will make people a bit nervous and reluctant to place a bid on your car because they won’t know if they can trust you or not. If you don’t have any seller reputation on the site, you might have to go a little bit further to convince people you’re legitimate. If the buyer is local, you should be willing to have them come by to view your car in person. You should also be more than willing to submit answers to anyone that asks. Be prompt about it, too. If someone expresses an interest in your car, the least you can do is answer their questions promptly. 

Also, don’t hold back any information. If the car has a dent or something, state that clearly in your eBay listing. The more honest and upfront you are about the condition of your car, the more likely it is you’ll convince people that you’re on the up and up. 

You may take some comfort in the knowledge that many people use eBay every day to buy and sell cars and most transactions go completely smoothly. That ought to be very reassuring to potential buyers. Still, you need to be upfront and totally forthcoming with buyers about your car. That’s the only real way to be helpful and give buyers the reassurance they need to place a bid. Remember: they aren’t going to be able to come and see your car in most cases, so you have to go the extra mile. You have to answer all of their questions and be as helpful as you can. That’s the only way to ensure someone will feel comfortable enough to ever press “bid” or “buy.” 


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The worst thing that can happen to a man is to lose his money, the next worst his health, the next worst his reputation.    Samuel Butler  

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