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What to Do After Various Types of Car Accidents

what to do after accident

Driving a car is a privilege and not a right. That’s backed by the need to hold a driver’s license in order to do so legally. Not many people will go through their entire adult lives without getting into a car accident. It seems to be more unavoidable these days due to the sheer volume of vehicles on the roads across the country. Here are some tips regarding what you should do after various types of car accidents.

Minor Car Accident

You should never leave the scene of an accident, no matter it’s severity. Even the most minor accidents require you to remain at the scene, exchange insurance and contact information with others involved, and even file a police report if necessary. You should also move the vehicles to a safe location and check to be sure no one is injured. Take pictures of any damage to vehicles and property so they can be submitted to your insurance company and the police.

Hit a Deer

Do you know what to do if you hit a deer while driving? Move the car to a safe place after the collision, if this is possible. Activate your hazards and call the police. Have fire and medical respond to check you for injuries. You should NEVER approach the deer, even if you think it is deceased. This is something only law enforcement officers and other first responders should do on such an accident scene. You also shouldn’t assume that your vehicle is still safe to drive. Check the car for broken lights, leaking fluids, flat tires, if your hood won’t latch and other issues.

Backed Into a Pole

We’ve all seen those yellow concrete poles that are found in parking lots. They are usually near buildings, dumpsters, outdoor generators and other expensive items. They are used to protect these entities from vehicles slamming into them. Hence why they are made from concrete. It’s not uncommon for a vehicle to back into one of these columns. They are so short that many drivers cannot see them when backing up, even if they have a reverse camera on their vehicle.

If you have backed your vehicle into one of these columns, a telephone pole, or other utility pole you need to call the police immediately. You should let them know exactly what you hit so if it was a utility pole the proper company can be notified to respond and check the pole for damage. Check your car for damage, take pictures, and report it to your car insurance company. Again, do not leave the scene, even though it did not involve another vehicle.

Major Car Accident

A major car accident can be quite tragic. It can cause serious injuries and even death. You could find yourself out of work for months on end as you rehab any injuries suffered. The same rules apply for major car accidents as minor car accidents and car accidents involving property. Always call 911, assess injuries, and seek medical care following a major car accident. Injuries might not present themselves until days after the accident, so be sure to seek medical attention to document everything that arises.

Be sure to never admit fault, even if you were at-fault, at the scene of an accident. Don’t even utter the word sorry. This can be taken quite literally and back you into a corner, even if you were the victim of the accident. Don’t speculate as to what happened either. Contact your lawyer and insurance company once you are safely at home.

As you can see there are quite a few types of car accidents. You should handle each one using the tips outlined in this post.

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