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2018 Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross: Specs And Features

new 2018 mitsubishi eclipse cross

The new Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross seems to be a worthy successor of the company’s earlier Eclipse SUV launched in 2012. The latest SUV on the block is a crossover, featuring distinctive design and plush interiors. Mitsubishi Eclipse occupies the place between compact and subcompact crossover SUVs.

While the new SUV does not seem to have much direct competition, but still there are a couple of crossovers which are likely to contest with the Eclipse. The 2018 Nissan Rogue is among such SUVs. Here is our handy guide to let you know how these SUVs stack up against each other.


An SUV’s inner and outer dimensions are one of the biggest factors which determine their desirability. Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross stands 67.1 inches tall with front drive and 67.3 inches with all wheel drive option. The Used Nissan Rogue, on the other hand, is a little taller with 68 inches front wheel drive option and 68.5 inches with all-wheel drive variant.

The ground clearance for Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross is 8 inches with front drive and 8.9 inches for all wheel drive. The ground clearance for Rogue is 7.4 inches, making Eclipse one of the best options for rough driving conditions such as snow and dirt roads. The SUV comes with switchable snow or Gravel modes.

The Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross is also a stellar option if you need plenty of room for your stuff. The SUV offers you 48.8 feet of cargo space. However, the Rogue offers the best bang for the buck as it features an intelligent cargo management system. This SUV provides 53 cubic feet to 61 cubic feet of cargo space, depending upon the variant chosen by you.


The engine capacity of the SUV determines its power profile. Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross comes with a 1.5 liter four-cylinder engine. The Nissan Rogue, on the other hand, features 2.0 liter four cylinder engine.

Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross offers 152 horsepower while the Nissan Rogue provides 141 horsepower, raising concerns about the SUVs ability to deal with on-ramp runs and other demanding tasks.

However, the torque specifications for Eclipse Cross and Rogue are 184 LB Ft. and 139 LB Ft. respectively, making these SUVs a little more suitable for demanding tasks. Both Eclipse Cross and Rogue come with Front Wheel drive and All Wheel drive options. This is also an important function as it impacts fuel economy, among other things. Many SUVs in this category come with only Front Wheel drive option.

Fuel Economy

While SUVs are bought for durability and power, fuel economy specs also play an important part in decision making process. The Nissan Rogue offers 27 miles per gallon on All Wheels Drive and 28 miles per gallon if you choose to deploy Front wheel driving. The Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross has not reported its fuel economy numbers yet, but these specs are likely to be in close vicinity of its competition.

Standard Features

Both the SUVs are available in several variants which let you pick and choose different features to meet your requirements. The base model of Nissan Rogue Sport comes with $22,615 price tag and offers you a 5-inch screen for entertainment, Bluetooth, manually adjustable driver seat, and cruise control. This price is even more affordable when you consider the awesome tax cuts have been handed down to Americans.

The Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross comes with a base price of $24,290. However, at this price, you get a 7-inch touchscreen entertainment system and Bluetooth connectivity. Additionally, the Eclipse Cross also has a heated side mirrors and automatic climate control. The SUV features 16 inch alloy wheels while the Rogue Sport offers steel wheels with plastic covers.

Overall, the 2018 Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross seems to have a couple of features which will set this SUV apart from its competition kind of like House of Cards, The Good Wife, and 24 does to other TV shows but this is another topic. Happy car shopping!

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