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Four Features That Will Boost Car’s Resale Value

When it comes down to purchasing a new car most people consider features with personal appeal. However four or five years down the line when attempting to sell it used your personal taste may not mesh with that of that of the buying market. Such a loss in value can seriously deflate your ownership experience. On the other hand balancing individual preferences and broad appeal will better serve the overall car ownership experience. Many unique vehicle features may make hundreds or thousands of dollars of difference in the long run. 

Tinted Windows

While usually a relatively inexpensive feature, window tint can make a strong impression on a car buyer. Tinted windows give any automobile a more premium appearance. Deep tint in rear and quarter windows don’t just look cool. They also help keep the interior cool by dialing down the oppressive sun. Diminishing those harmful rays helps protect interior fabric and materials from fading and cracking over time. Additionally keeping the contents of the car out of sight of would-be thieves lends an extra layer of security and privacy as well. 

Extended Warranty

Available for purchase from various automotive manufactures and outside companies extended warranties cover repairs after the standard factory warranty expires. It definitely will payoff to shop extended warranty coverage as you shop for a car. It may save you money on expensive repairs or further entice a prospective buyer down the line. Buying from the manufacturer ensures that a manufacturer-certified shop performs the repairs. If you are considering going with an outside warranty provider do some heavy comparison shopping between all the offered levels of coverage. Often times the cheapest warranties are filled with loopholes and escape clauses that will leave you stranded when you really need help. Be sure to obtain a warranty that is transferable to at least one successive owner. Your diligence will certainly pay off. An extended warranty gives peace of mind to future owners that may lean toward a new car. For buyers hesitant to break into the used car market this may be just the incentive they need to pull the trigger on a buy.  

Bluetooth connectivity

The correlation of the following two trends points to a reality no car buyer should ignore: 1) Virtually every mobile phone made for the last few years is equipped with Bluetooth capability. 2) Many states and municipalities have implemented or are seriously considering legislation that mandates use of a hands-free device while driving and using a mobile phone. It makes perfect sense for traffic safety and personal convenience. It will also make perfect sense when it comes time to sell the car. These days it seems that the ultimate customization is being able to connect your car to your phone. Manufactures offer a range of Bluetooth connectivity from simple hands-free dialing through the car’s audio system to full integration of contacts, music, information and apps. With phones adding cool new tech features every year it may help to lean more toward the latter. Having Bluetooth will help people get more functionality out these popular smart phones.

Hybrid Vehicles

With gas prices regularly teetering on the brink of $4 per gallon all it would take is a natural disaster or military conflict to send the price of the finite-supply of fossil fuel north of five bucks-a-gallon. Maybe you’ve never considered a hybrid vehicle or you did the math to see that it may take a few years to offset the extra cost. Production of hybrids is extremely limited in the short term as the demand for them is very moderate.  Gas prices are most assuredly going to rise. When the crude oil hits the fan and demand jumps an investment in a hybrid automobile will payoff handsomely (rare is time when the words “investment” and “automobile” are used in the same sentence). The value of gas-only powered autos is expected to drop significantly. Perhaps you fear the reliability of such a “new” technology. Well mass-produced hybrid vehicles have been available on the global market for nearly 15 years. Some manufactures are on their third or fourth generation hybrid systems and the proven reliability of the hybrid technology is undeniable. Virtually all manufactures provide additional warranty coverage for hybrid powertrain related components. You will want to be wary of the luxury performance hybrids though. They are generally designed for speed and power with less of an emphasis on fuel efficiency. Hybrids get the best fuel economy in city driving when the electric motors are most active at low-speed and in stop-and-go driving. So urban travelers will reap even greater benefits of hybrid tech. 

Though it is often challenging to look ahead to the next week, much less the next 4 years or so, when car shopping forward thinking can prove extremely valuable. So when it comes time to buy that next car take time to forecast what long-term appeal your next car will have. 


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Brianna Calley 8/27/2015 3:31:17 PM

Thanks for sharing your view I found  it verying interesting.

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