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Cars that Insurance Companies Love the Most

The car that you drive is to some extent reflective of who you are as a person, it expresses your style, sense of style (or lack thereof) as well as your values. Beyond just reflecting what type of person you are, the type of car you have also has a large impact on how much you pay to have it insured and more than a few drivers fail to recognize this. Drivers who are considering purchasing a new vehicle should keep the facts in mind, knowing which cars are the least expensive to insure is more than helpful in long term budgeting and money saving during the car buying process. Insurance companies love and charge less for cars that statistically have high safety ratings, a low theft rate and lower accident frequency. Meanwhile minivans and family friendly Crossovers and SUV’s often draw lower rates as they tend to be owned by more responsible drivers while certain subcompact models are also cheap to insure as owners of such vehicles tend not to drive long distances and smaller vehicles draw lower settlements if ever the car is wrecked. Below are some of the cheapest to insure cars currently on the market, certain variables can effect which cars are less expensive to insure, such as an individual’s driving record and the area in which they live, but as a general guide the cars mentioned below generally are ones that insurance companies love.


Honda Odyssey LX

Honda’s Odyssey minivans were in 2016 the cheapest new vehicle to insure. This obviously is due to their being a family vehicle, the annual premium to insure one of the Japanese automaker’s LX Odysseys costs a mere $1,113 on average.


Honda CR-V

The Honda CR-V is another favorite of insurance companies, this family friendly car ranked second cheapest to insure of the 2016 models with an average annual insurance premium of $1,170.


Dodge Grand Caravan

Dodges are not the most popular car on the market, nor the most expensive and stylish. However the company’s Caravan minivan is ideal for families and those who need space for cargo and passengers while drawing a very low annual insurance premium of $1,174 new and perhaps even cheaper used.


Jeep Patriot Sport 2WD

Jeep is synonyms with outdoor adventure and beach trips due to the fact that true Jeeps are convertible type vehicles without traditional rooves. However the Jeep brand also produces cars that are different than traditional Jeeps, the Jeep Sport 2wd is more like an SUV or crossover and also ideal for families, therefore drawing a very low average annual car insurance premium of just $1,180.


Jeep Wrangler Sport

If you are not a family man but a fan of Jeeps and the Jeep brand, you may want to opt for the Jeep Wrangler Sport. In 2016 the average premium annually was a mere $1,181.

The Rest
Other types new car buyers may want to consider include the Jeep Compass Sport 2wd ($1,190 annual premium), Ford Escape S 2wd ($1,194 average annual premium), Buick Encore Sport Tour 2wd ($1,200 average annual premium), and the Jeep Cherokee Base 2WD (average annual premium of $1,203), all of which are family friendly vehicles. Others worth considering include compact cars such as the Kia Rio, Toyota Yaris, Renault Twingo, Volkswagen Up, Hyundai i10, Seat Mii and Ford Ka+. The annual premiums can vary from vehicle to vehicle depending upon your driving history and other factors such credit history, age, marital status and location. However the vehicles mentioned here, when averaged, all fall in the same price range of the cheapest to insure, with annual average premiums varying from $1000-$1200. Which is the cheapest for you personally depends on the various factors and information that insurance companies collect, however if you choose one of the car types mentioned here, you can expect a lower than average insurance premium. Buying similar cars from competing brands of the different car types mentioned here also is likely to yield lower insurance premiums, if you don’t know if the car you are considering purchasing is one that insurance companies love, consider the above mentioned factors as a guide and more than likely you will end up with a low premium.

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