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Hot Cars Rule

There are cars and then there are CARS! It’s one thing having a car that will take you from point A to point B or to and from work. Most people own cars for convenience sake and for survival! For many people they need a vehicle to get to work and without that convenience it would affect their income. But what about those cars that teenage boys dream about and rich people buy like it’s their next toy? There’s only one kind of car that fits this category: HOT CARS! Hot cars take on a whole new meaning when it comes to the wonderful world of cars. Hot cars are the ones that turn heads and it isn’t necessarily the heads of just teenage boys. There’s something about a hot car that can turn a baby’s head.

What makes a hot car so unique? Let’s start with the obvious; a hot car is fast-super fast! Then let’s add the body and style that stands out from his cousins and throw in a powerful engine and some tight mag wheels and you have a super machine on wheels. It’s hard to resist a car that looks and feels like a million bucks. And speaking of bucks; although it may not coat a million dollars to purchase one of these sweet babies-the price won’t come cheap. Unless you have money to blow chances are you won’t be able to afford a hot car. Well, that could also depend on what type of hot car you’re talking about.

If you think a 2011 Mustang is a hot car, then you might be able to swing the price of this vehicle. But most hot cars don’t fall into the “normal” category. When people think of hot cars, most people picture cars like Ferrari’s, corvettes, and Jaguars. These cars can cost a pretty penny and there’s good reason why. These cars are out of the ordinary and can’t compare with the car you have in your driveway. These cars run t a very high speed and have some of the most powerful engines. They are comparable to race cars in many ways. If you want to purchase a hot car then be prepared to shell out 100,000 or more. You also need to keep in mind the up keep of owning a hot car. If you need a part it will most likely need to be custom ordered. Let’s not forget that another hefty price will be the cost of car insurance. The hotter the car-the hotter the insurance premium. But hey-you’ll have a hot car sitting in your driveway and if you want to turn heads then this is a sure win. If you can’t afford to purchase a hot car then there’s always console and PC games that can take you anywhere and enable you to own anything-including the hot car of your choice! After all-hot cars rule!


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