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How to Keep Cats off Cars

how to keep cats off the car

Cats make the perfect pets. They are very low maintenance, don’t have to be walked multiple times per day, and are very self-sufficient. The biggest downside to owning a cat is that they like to climb. You might find them sleeping on your car in the morning. Even though this makes for a very cute picture, it can be quite frustrating, especially if you are a car enthusiast or own a classic car. Today, we will provide you with some tips for keeping your cat off your car.

Cayenne Pepper

One of the first options you have, which will not cost much, is to sprinkle cayenne pepper around the car. This is an easy solution, especially if you have the pepper in your kitchen pantry. You should be able to get away with sprinkling the pepper around the car, not directly on it. But, sprinkling the pepper on the car will make the effort even more effective. Give it a couple of days before trying a different method. The cats should stop climbing on your car because of the cayenne pepper.

Use Mothballs

Mothballs have a horrid smell. Cats do not like the smell of mothballs. Spread some mothballs around the car, even placing some on the roof of your car, and cats should keep off the car. Also put a couple mothballs in a bag and hang the bag from your side view mirror. Whatever you do, don’t put the mothballs inside the car. The scent is too strong to put them inside your car. You will have trouble getting rid of the smell.

Repellent Spray or Powder

If you are comfortable spraying repellent on your car, this is another option to keep cats off the car. It’s not hard to find safe animal repellent sprays. Just be sure they will not damage your car. When you spray the car do so liberally. If the cat continues to sit on the car, be sure to spray the area where the cat likes to sit. Outside of spray, you can also use powder to keep cats off your car. The powder should also be safe to use around kids, pets, and plants.

Ultrasonic Repellent

An ultrasonic repellent is another option for keeping cats off your car. This is a harmless device that can be placed near your car. When it senses movement it will emit a very high-pitched sound that only animals can hear. These devices can be found online or at pet stores and will not harm the cat or any other animal.
Use a Car Cover

A car cover not only can protect your car from cats but also from the elements. If you don’t have a garage to store your car a cover is the next best thing. It takes a matter of minutes to zip the car cover onto your car at night before heading to bed.

Remove Food Sources

Cats might be migrating to your car because of food in the vicinity. Remove all food sources from near your car. This can include moving trash cans to another location.

There are plenty of options to keep cats off your car. Try as many as necessary to ensure that your car is always protected from cats and their claws.

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