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Pet Safety in Cars

Pet safety in cars

Whether you own a dog or a cat their safety is important when riding in your vehicle. It doesn't matter how far you will be traveling, you need to provide your pet with safety measures that keep them protected at all times during the trip. We have compiled some of the most important car safety tips for your pet in this post.

Pet Barrier

If your pet must travel in the cargo area of your vehicle, such as in an SUV, it’s best to purchase a pet barrier. This will provide your pet with a little bit of room to move around but it keeps them safe because they won’t be able to roam about the vehicle. This barrier can be installed in just about any SUV, minivan, or crossover since it can be purchased in a variety of different sizes.


A restraint is an important investment for traveling with your pet. No matter the size of your pet, it can become a projectile in a crash that can harm you or other members of your family in a family car. The pet should be restrained in the vehicle just like human passengers. The restraint will let your pet sit or lie down while in transport.

Travel Bed

If your pet is used to lying on a bed at home, it might be a good idea to either bring the bed with you or buy one for the car. Making the pet as comfortable as possible is a good way for them to have a stress-free trip.


Some pets might need a ramp to get into your vehicle, especially if they are too heavy for you to lift and they are too old or too small to jump. A ramp will allow the pet to walk on their own into your vehicle. The ramp can then fold up and store in your vehicle without taking up too much room.

Deactivate Power Windows

Driving with a pet in your car is just like having a young child with you. Deactivate the power windows. A pet can accidentally step on the button and lower the window. This can be very dangerous as they could jump out of the car before you notice that the window is open.

Keep Pet Out of Front Seats

It’s best to keep your pet, no matter how well behaved, out of the front seats. This includes never driving with a pet on your lap. The pet can easily distract you or even hit a control that can lead to an accident.

Never Leave Pets in Cars

You should never leave your pets in the car, even for a couple of minutes, no matter the time of year. Many people do so and leave the car running. This is a big no-no. Your pet might actually put the car in drive or reverse by moving around the cabin. The heat can kill a pet, even if it’s only in the 60s. It can also be too cold to leave a pet in the car. The bottom line here is to never leave a pet alone in a vehicle.

As you can see, there are plenty of safety measures you can take in order to ensure your pet has a safe trip with you in the car.

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