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Pimping Your Wheels-The 411

For some people their car is a symbol of who they are. They treat their car as if it were a member of their family. They make sure it is bathed, fed, and in perfect health.  And when possible that person will spend more money trying to fix up their ride. That is known as “pimping’ your wheels. Some people are satisfied with the wheels parked in their driveway. They keep the oil changed and the car gassed up. But for others this just isn’t enough-they want to pimp their wheels. It’s simply not enough to park the car and keep up with the necessities-these people want to their car to stand out among the rest. For some it’s fun to add extra accessories and for others it’s an obsession that can empty their bank accounts. If you think this obsession is narrowed to dudes-think again. There are just as many dudettes who are in to pimping their ride. What used to be a favorite past time for teenage boys is also fun for teenaged girls and people of all ages. Some people love cars like they love their wives or their husbands and will do anything to make a good impression.

So you want to pimp your wheels? Where do you being to make your ride look a celebrity among cars? Begin with these pimping basics. Start with Xenon bulbs for your headlights. These bulbs will turn your car from regular to luxury in a minute. There’s no escaping the next tip: you must keep your wheels washed and waxed on a regular basis. Keep an air freshener in your ride. Purchase a personalized license plate frame for your car-this is a definite car fashion statement. You’d be surprised at what even the smallest things can do to pimp your wheels. A steering wheel cover isn’t costly and can add style to your car. A sub woofer is a must if you’re going to pimp your wheels. You have to get those windows tinted if you want your car to pimp with style. Replace those factory rims with aftermarket rims-just keep it looking classy so stay away from spinners. If you don’t have a DVD player now is the time to invest in one. Now that you’re wheels are pimped up it’s time to have some fun and go for a spin!

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