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Sedan vs SUV: How to Pick the Vehicle for You

sedan vs suv

Picking a vehicle seems like a pretty simple task, right? Well, for many car buyers it can be downright overwhelming, especially if they don’t know exactly what they want or need in a new vehicle. There are hundreds of models available across dozens of brands. So, how do you pick the vehicle that’s best for you when choosing between sedan vs SUV? We will provide you with some interesting comparisons in today’s post.

Room for Cargo

If you are solely looking for cargo in your new vehicle, then the SUV is the winner here. SUVs are markedly larger than sedans, even though many sedan models offer plenty of cargo room in the trunk. Some even have a back row of seats that fold forward to allow for even more cargo room that is connected to the trunk. When it comes to needing cargo room often, you will want to go with the SUV.

Vehicle Performance

Sedans tend to get the leg up when it comes to performance comparisons with SUVs. Sedans are much easier to drive in congested cities, easier to parallel park, and can handle the inclement weather just a bit better. Most of today’s SUVs are built on foundations comparable to sedans, which makes them easier to handle than previous models that featured truck foundations. This truly is a toss-up based on where you live or drive the most.


Every driver wants to know about the safety features in a vehicle before signing on the dotted line. It is very important when making a purchase. When it comes to sedans, they are easier to maneuver and turn away from danger without causing the vehicle to flip or roll. SUVs have a lot going for them when it comes to safety, especially their size. Because they are so big, SUVs will likely survive a crash better than a sedan. This is another category that is a close call.


Who doesn’t look for comfort when buying a new vehicle? Aside from safety it is one of the most sought after features. Whether you want to buy a sedan or an SUV, comfort will likely be at the forefront of your vehicle search. Sedans are so easy to climb in and out of because they sit so low to the ground. The front seats in the sedan are very comfortable and usually come with plenty of room.
The SUV will take the proverbial cake when it comes to comfort. Since the vehicle is much larger than the sedan it will have more headroom, more legroom, and more comfort features overall. Parents with young kids in carseats won’t have to bend over when buckling their children into an SUV either.


No search for a new vehicle would be complete without taking a look at the value comparison between the two options. Sedans, since they are smaller, will cost less to build. This means that they will have a more affordable price compared to an SUV. You will also find yourself spending less money on gas when you own a sedan. The SUV clearly loses out in this category.

The next time you visit a dealership and are trying to decide between a sedan or an SUV, be sure to follow this comparison guide.

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