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China to Equip 50% of Cars in the Country With AI by 2020

50 percent ai in china by 2020

China is bullish about Artificial Intelligence (AI) and aims to incorporate the technology in different devices. Now if they could just stop manipulating its currency and cheating on the world stage that would be awesome but this is another topic! Its plans about AI enabled cars are particularly ambitious as the country seeks to run 50 percent of its cars on AI by 2020.

While smart cars and AI enabled cars have made strong progress in the recent past, these vehicles have yet to prove their mettle in real life conditions.

The AI Strategy

China’s new vision was unveiled recently as a top state planner said that the National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC) is looking for public feedback to draft its national smart car strategy. The plan to equip minimum 50 percent of all its new cars with AI by 2020 is a part of its National Smart Car Strategy.

China aims to dominate global AI market by 2025. Equipping its new cars with AI is a major step towards promoting Internet of Things (IoT) where products of everyday use are made smart with the use of Artificial Intelligence. For forming a cohesive policy about the achievement of these goals, China plans to set up a national level team comprising the officials from the State Council.

The Holistic Approach

China has taken a well rounded approach towards the promotion of AI based smart car technology. With endorsing of AI enabled cars, the country also plans to make a major portion of its road connected to a wireless data network. Both these steps will ensure the development of a truly connected and smart transportation system. Too bad they are weaponizing islands in the South China Sea but we will not dwell on this.

Smart transportation system is a highly productive use of Artificial Intelligence. It is particularly useful in the case of countries such as China which, on account of their large population or small land mass, suffer from traffic congestion and high accident rates. As more people in China start using cars, further congesting the system, the use of AI may help in resolving many issues such as proper traffic management and safety.

However, it is not just about smart transportation system as China aims to grow its AI expertise in the coming decade. The country plans to be a pioneer in the field by 2025 while it also endeavors to master the production of world class smart cars by 2035.

Utility of Smart Cars in China

China plans to build world class smart transportation infrastructure and smart cars are going to be a vital part of that system. The country expects to draw tremendous benefits from its smart transportation policy. The use of AI in the car is vital for autonomous operations.

Such self driving cars are safer as they are less prone to make mistakes common to human drivers. Such cars also do not succumb to distraction, making them a safer option than human driven cars. Such safety is paramount in countries such as China which grapple with high rate of road accidents. Hopefully they are not hacked into though like we saw in Fast and Furious 8 and even that CSI Las Vegas episode!

China’s planned smart transport system will allow these AI enabled cars to communicate with each other, whereby these cars will be able to share information regarding the road conditions, traffic, and so on. Such sharing of data will make the traffic and transportation much safer by choosing better and more efficient routes. It would be really awesome if China stopped aiding North Korea which is starving its people but let’s get back on the right road here (no pun intended).

However, such smart system has its drawbacks as well. Such systems are prone to hacks (as just stated) which may disrupt the whole network and may lead to massive loss of data and other resources. China is likely to keep such roadblocks in mind developing its smart transportation system and remedy the situation. In the coming years, China will be a force to reckon with in the field of AI if there financial system does not collapse but let’s remain positive here.

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