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Top Eco-Friendly Cars of 2017

Eco-friendly cars have become more advanced in the last couple of years. No longer are they smaller and less powerful, the eco-friendly car has visually become more ordinary in terms of function, features and looks. Pricing has gone down while mileage has increased, hybrid and electric vehicles are very practical and can help save on gas bills for only a slightly higher price than ordinary cars.


Available Options

If you are like most people, you are used to standard gas fuel cars. In exploring vehicle options there is a few things you should know as to the choices of eco-friendly cars.

Hybrid Cars are equipped with both an electric and gasoline engine which provide energy efficiency as well as the convenience of gas powered engines. Electric engine batteries are powered by gasoline engines and regenerative breaking which boosts your battery a little whenever the breaks are hit. The gas tank still has to be filled but the electric engine helps to improve gas mileage. The battery must be plugged in although the charge can handle most daily commutes which means that only on longer road trips is a gas fill-up necessary.

Plug-in Hybrids are not much different from regular hybrids, the main difference is a bigger battery which allows the car to run solely on electricity. Gas is only needed when the battery runs out however the electric battery can handle most commutes as the standard Hybrid can.

All Electric Cars have only an electric engine that has to be plugged in while parked. Electric cars get far better mileage than gas vehicles, one charge would get hundreds of miles per each “gallon.” The only downside is that you have to know just how far you will be driving, once on the road you won’t be able to stop at a gas station to charge. Some people are wary of this option, but electric batteries are long lasting and can handle a lot of driving.

Nowadays there are more green options than ever before. Both the budget friendly and high vehicle brands offer electric and hybrid options. Green vehicles are also becoming more affordable and the choices more plentiful. Below is a list of the top green cars of 2017.


Toyota Prius C Hybrid

The Toyota Prius C Hybrid starts at a modest $20,150 and is a little smaller than the regular Prius and the most budget friendly. An upgrade to a larger sedan costs $4000 more with better mileage while the plug-in Prius Prime goes for $27,000. Each is a solid choice.


Ford C-Max Energi SE plugin hybrid

The Ford C-Max Energi SE plugin hybrid is suitable to families and costs around $27,000. The C-Max is more like a wagon than an SUV with its high roof and ample storage capacity. The C-Max seats five and gets 43 miles per gallon with the gas and electrical engines.


Toyota Highlander Hybrid

The Toyota Highlander Hybrid costs $36,000 and is an SUV that has lots of space and optimal performance thanks to its 3.5 liter V6 and the 3500lb towing capacity and all-wheel drive. The Highlander Hybrid is ideal for families that are active and go on camping trips and the like. The gas mileage isn’t quite as good as that of a smaller hybrid, the Highlander only gets 30 miles per gallon.


Chevrolet Volt

The Chevrolet Volt’s price tag is $33,220, this plug in hybrid’s electric engine has a 53 mile range capable of eliminating your gas budget. The Chevy Volt is a solid choice and very versatile.


The vehicle choices listed here are just a few of the many, these four eco-friendly cars are among the best but there are plenty of other green cars that may be more suitable to your own personal needs and preferences.


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