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Top Used Cars for Commuters

Top Used Cars for Commuters - Car Infographic

With improved technology, used cars have emerged as a viable alternative to brand new cars. While, the thrill and charm attached to buying a new car is unparalleled, but buying a used car can help you save a ton of money.

Today’s cars are designed to designed to last for a long time and thus used cars may provide you the best bang for your buck. Here are our recommendations for the top used cars which are particularly suitable for people who plan to use their vehicles for regular commuting.


Mazda Mazda 3

Mazda 3 Car

One of the most trustworthy cars on the road, Mazda Mazda 3 may cost you anywhere between $10,000 and $15,000, depending on the mileage covered and condition of the car. The vehicle comes with either 2.0 liter engine or may choose the one with 2.5 liter engine. It is designed to give you an impressive 24 mpg on city roads and 33 mpg on highway, if you put it in automatic transmission mode.

The manual mode makes Mazda Mazda 3 even more efficient with 25 mpg and 33 mpg for city roads and highways respectively. Its maintenance cost is also low, which combined with its fuel efficiency, makes it an excellent choice for your commuting.


Honda Insight

Honda Insight Car

The car came out in 2006, but still remains an impressive specimen of Japanese technology. Honda Insight comes with a three cylinder, 1.0 liter gas engine, offering you 73 horsepower and 91 lb ft. torque and is more suitable for single passengers or small families.

The car seats two passengers and its single electric motor provides adequate power to get you through your commute. If you find this car’s specs on the lighter side, then you may find some solace in its fuel efficiency.

Honda Insight offers you 48 mpg on the city roads while its high way mileage is at 58 mpg, provided you keep it on manual transmission. The car also features continuously variable automatic transmission, if you are looking for a little more comfortable commute. Honda Insight may cost you anywhere between $7,995 and $17,995 which is much more affordable because of lower taxes and a sprouting economy.


Toyota Prius

Toyota Prius Car

This hybrid car is not only environment friendly but pocket friendly as well. The longer you stick to it, the cheaper it becomes to drive around. Though you may not see this car in a Fast and Furious movie it does not mean it would not fit well in your life. This car was in The Other Guys when those two detectives made fun of it but so what? A Prius is still an excellent car for so many.

You may also choose to go for original version of Toyota Prius, which is particularly known for its robustness and reliability. The car comes with state of the art technology and offers ample space as well. It also scores well on fuel efficiency front as well as it provides you 48 mpg mileage on town roads and 51 mpg on highway.

Toyota Prius comes with 1.8 liter, four cylinder engine and two electric motors to give you a powerful experience. The car is also suitable for longer commutes as you can use its continuously variable automatic transmission. This car will set you back by $15,000 to $25,000.


Honda Fit

Honda Fit Car

This sub compact car may look small from outside but packs plenty of space on the inside. Its flexible cargo space makes this car even roomier, allowing you to pack up all your stuff. Its 1.5 liter, four cylinder engine offers you 117 horsepower and 106 lb ft of torque. The car is available with five speed manual transmission as well as five speed automatic transmission.

The latter will offer you 28 mpg fuel mileage on city roads while a gallon will let you cover 35 miles on the highway. Its second row of seats may be moved or folded to provide extra cargo space. Honda Fit also offers plenty of leg and head space. The car may cost you anywhere between $9,900 and $18,000. That is a fantastic price for so many people.


Volkswagen Jetta TDI

VW Jetta TDI Car

A longtime favorite of commuters, Volkswagen Jetta TDI continues to provide stunning performance, even if you buy it secondhand. The car comes with 2.0 turbo diesel engine, providing it power and fuel efficiency.

You can easily squeeze 30 mpg on the city roads and 42 mpg on highways for every gallon of gas in this car. The car is also powerful with 140 horsepower and 236 lb ft. torque, making it suitable for highway driving. Volkswagen Jetta TDI provides you the option of choosing six speed manual or automated manual transmission. A good used price would be anywhere between $13,000-$20,000.

And remember Volkswagen has some honesty issues right now but they never did take a bailout from the American tax payer like GM did. Something to think about!


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