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Top Must Have Car Add-Ons

must have car add-ons

In addition to providing a mode of transportation, cars are for most reflective of personal traits and representative of the hard earned money spent on the thing that has come to be relied on. We all want the perfect car but most of the time drivers end up with the near perfect ride, add-ons can help in achieving that perfection. Below are some of the more popular add-ons that can help make your car suitable to your own personal needs and preferences.



Bluetooth capability helps to ensure safety as many drivers prefer to be able to use their phones on the road. Choosing this add-on feature with your new car purchase allows you answer and make calls via your stereo system, with Bluetooth you can still hear the sirens of emergency vehicles and not be breaking the law. Bluetooth is also very convenient, Bluetooth makes it so that you don’t have fumble around with wires and plug pieces if you need to take a call. Another convenience of Bluetooth is music streaming, with it you no longer need CD’s and a CD case as you can link your stereo to your device and enjoy your playlists on the go.



Maps have more or less become obsolete and GPS navigation systems have made road trips less of a hassle as well as safer. Many smartphones are equipped with GPS however a GPS built in has a clearer display and voice narration which help to make driving safer as you can keep your eyes on the road.


Dash and Rear View Cameras

In the last few years dash-cams have started to sell like hotcakes. Drivers have started to realize that cameras provide evidence in the event of an accident or collision with cyclists and other drivers. Cyclists already have been using head on cams for a few years, only recently have drivers come to realize their value. Rear parking cams meanwhile makes parking easier and helps to lower the chances of a parking lot fender bender. Rear view cameras eliminate the blind spot on the vehicle’s back side up to fifty feet, sensors warn the driver of objects within five feet of the bumper and with the cameras everything is in view. Cameras are particularly useful in areas where lots of children are present.


Heated Seats

Most of us like to keep our bottoms warm and comfortable and the more comfortable you are when you drive, the safer driving is. Since the first heated seats were introduced in 1972, the technology has evolved to the point that now seats can also be air conditioned.


Starlit Roof

Most people aren’t even aware of the Starlit Roof add-on. Rolls Royce phantom coupes are offered with starlight effects powered by tens of LED lights in the ceiling headliner. With a Starlit Roof, you can lean back and feel as if you were laying outside on your back gazing at the cosmos. This luxury however is not cheap, costing on average of an extra $12,000.

Of the available add-ons, other things include more advanced stereos, more and more fitting cup holders, movie watching capabilities and race car-like paintjobs on sports cars. Whatever your fancy, there is a lot to choose from, some options more expensive than others.

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